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Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 8 – For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow


Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 8 – For She's A Jolly Good Fellow

Location: Chinatown

OK, enough sightseeing, it’s time to get to work Spider-Man. Be ready to receive a call from Aunt May’s employer, Mr. Martin Li. There is going to be a surprise party for May but the preparations may take some time. So as Mr. Li gets everything sorted, you will have some time on your hand. You can check out more landmarks or, fight some crime in the neighborhood, hmm, quite a pickle I’d say.

Shelter Rooftop

It’s best you head towards Chinatown, map will be there to help you get there as always. As you swing across the buildings and traffic, you will receive a phone call from your landlord who will be speaking in a not so friendly tone. You see, it is good to help everybody but it is also important to pay your bills and rent on time. So, your journey from your current location to the F.E.A.S.T Shelter will be a not so pleasant one.

Welcome to F.E.A.S.T

It is best that you use the roof top to enter the Shelter, just like the laboratory. Peter has a change of clothes up top which can always come in handy when he has to drop the role of friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Now that you have changed, it’s time to head inside.

Walk Around and say Hi

You can enter the F.E.A.S.T building and scout the area. You can go around and meet people, even check out what people are up to. You will come across clothes rack full of late Uncle Ben’s old shirts in the foyer. You can find people playing chess. Here you will find a man named Ernie near the back of the center. Martin Li will be around the back in the kitchen.

Talk to Martin Li

Go into the kitchen and talk to the man. You will find out that you will be helping the Shelter staff to surprise Aunt May. As this is happening, you will receive a phone call from Yuri. As it turns out, she is not done needing your help and of course you will have to get on it.

Talk to Aunt May

You should do a couple of things before heading out. Go around the cafeteria and inspect photos of Martin Li on the wall. Once you have done that, don’t forget to go upstairs and say hi to Aunt May. Have a chat with her and you can see some old pictures of yourself and some baby drawings you have had done, back in the day.

Check the flyers on 2nd floor

One more thing, you need to head up to the second floor to inspect some flyers for a veteran job fair. These are put up there by your former classmate Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson.

You can stick around and just hang here or simply walk out the building when you are ready to hit the streets and find out what Yuri wants you for.

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