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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Beat Rick the Door Technician


Players will be put through their paces in the action game Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor wouldn’t be much of a challenge without its formidable foes. You will be tested often by the game’s bounty hunters and renowned enemies. But if you want to talk about a truly evil person, it has to be Rick the Door Technician. How to defeat Rick the Door Technician in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is the subject of this article.

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Where is Rick the door technician?

Rick the Door Technician is a Stormtrooper who believes he is a formidable foe. It should come as no surprise that he is a complete pushover. Rick can be found on Nova Garon, an imperial satellite station.

What’s up with Rick the door technician?

His objective was to eliminate the Jedi so that he may advance in the ranks of the Imperial Army. Rick, however, is the one who winds up paying the price for it, as he winds up being easily killed by Cal with only one blow with his lightsaber, which ends his life.

How to Beat Rick the Door Technician

This particular stormtrooper seems eager to challenge any Jedi. Many players find him to be a nuisance. While Redditors have provided several novel strategies for defeating him, even if you adopt the optimal stance setting, you still may find yourself on the losing end of the match. However, we have discovered a simpler way to confront this formidable Imperial army.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Beat Rick the Door Technician

At the far end of a long hallway aboard Nova Garon’s Imperial Base, you’ll find him. In this situation, however, instead of fighting him, you should run up to him but not attack. When he begins to attack you, use Force Dash (if you have it) or jump away from him.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Beat Rick the Door Technician

Get past him and into the elevator behind him, then use the Force to Take him with you in the elevator. That’s when he’ll try to start a fight with you. You only need to deflect one of his attacks to prevent him from going through the elevator platform. If this doesn’t happen for you, go back down and try again.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Beat Rick the Door Technician

When you’ve finished looking around, ride the elevator back down. The stormtrooper will have his back turned to you when you reach the ground. You can sneak up behind them and take them out with a single swing of your lightsaber. Now the greatest threat to the Rebellion, Rick the Door Technician, is no more.


Can you spare Rick the door technician Jedi survivor?

Rick is just another scout trooper in the game, despite sharing a name and health bar with the game’s bosses. Avoiding the boss fight by not killing Rick the Door Technician is also an option.

Is Rick the door technician the hardest boss?

For me, the most nerve-wracking boss battle was against Rick, the Door Technician. I arrived to the dreaded hall with a TICK, a PIXEL in my health bar and no stims at the highest mode and I spotted a solitary trooper far away and I was like “meh, ok”.

How many kills does Rick the door technician have?

The damage done by Rick the Door Tech to Jedi Survivor was roughly 500 lives. But the number of people that met their deaths at the hands of Rick the Door Technician is fascinating. According to the stats, Rick managed to wipe down 489 Jedi Survivor players.

Is Boba in Jedi Survivor?

Starting a boss fight with Caij; upon her defeat, a cinematic where Boba Fett makes an appearance and says he’s coming to capture Caij because of the bounty on her head plays out.