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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Get the Mullet


A Jedi Knight’s proficiency with both the Force and the lightsaber allow them to perform numerous incredible feats. The cosmetics system in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is one of its more relaxed features. In short, Cal, the main character, has a lot of customization options, including his face and head hair, his full attire, and his weaponry. You can learn how to obtain mullet in Star Wars Jedi Survivor by reading this article:

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How to Find Mullett

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game allows players to roughly reproduce the same atmosphere, suggesting that the game’s makers were admirers of Patrick Swayze and the 1989 film of the same name. Players need to obtain the Mullet hairdo before they can claim the trophy or accomplishment.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Get the Mullet

After learning the Slam ability, travel to the Derelict Dam location on Koboh’s world. Proceed past the Meditation Point, over the tar pit, and ascend the vines. Now, turn to your left to find a platform that Slam can lower. As you progress forward and battle the droids on the yellow barge, climb higher. When everything has calmed down, head to the back of the boat and descend to discover a Force Echo and a chest containing the Mullet hairdo.

Where to Get the Mullet

The mullet is near the first crash site in one of Koboh’s early locales; however, to find it, you’ll need to have the Force power to lift and slam objects up from your study of the fallen Lucrehulk on Koboh. You must have arrived at the Derelict Dam location and found a sizable platform emerging out of the mud after using the Force to climb a platform close to the collapsed dam in order to locate the chest containing the mullet.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Get the Mullet

As you get closer to the left drop-off, you should be able to see some little yellow platforms that are suitable for jumping. You will eventually perish if you linger in the muck for too long, so make sure you get on those as soon as possible. To reach a chest, move to the rear of the sizable platform and ascend. Inside should be the mullet.


How do you unlock Hairstyles in Jedi: Survivor?

The Rambler’s Reach Outpost sells blueprints, or players can discover secret chests to obtain one of the game’s thirteen unique hairstyles in Jedi Survivor.

Where to buy hairstyles Jedi: Survivor?

Certain Hairstyles and Beards, although available in Chests in the open world, can also be acquired from Doma’s Shop in Rambler’s Reach Outpost by exchanging Priorite Shards that can be discovered on Koboh and Coruscant.

What is the best hairstyle in Jedi: Survivor?

The windswept hairdo is unquestionably the greatest hairstyle option in the game, even though everyone will have their own Cal Kestis to flaunt. All of these styles and alternatives are matters of personal preference.

Is Obi Wan in Jedi Survivor?

Jedi: Survivor and Kenobi are connected via the Hidden Path, a covert network of Jedi and force-sensitive refugees, despite the absence of any appearances from Cal or Obi-Wan in either story.

Who is Darth Vader in Jedi: Survivor?

The only person who can stop the renowned, black-helmeted Darth Vader from destroying the new Jedi Archive is Cere, who he encounters when he lands at Jedha in Jedi: Survivor. Scott Lawrence is the voice actor behind the raspy, menacing breathing of Darth Vader.