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Starfield: Unity Quest Guide


After finishing High Price To Pay, the primary quest ‘Unity’ in Starfield will become available to do. Starfield’s major story mission is called “The Unity.” The Hunter stressed the importance of Unity during the ‘High Price to Pay’ quest, and this mission will need you to investigate its meaning. The quest also necessitates visits to several other worlds and solar systems. Learn all there is to know about the Starfield search for unity right here!

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How to Start the Quest

Constellation learns about the Starborns’ notion of Unity during the “High Price To Pay” mission. Since they can’t make sense of anything, the group decides to seek out a meeting with Keeper Aquilus, the High Priest.

Starfield: Unity Quest

Meet Aquilus in New Atlantis, and take Matteo to see the Sanctum Universum. Inquire into the meaning of the term “Unity.” Aquilus will tell the story of a traveler who, legend has it, discovered the Unity’s deepest meaning. After finishing the story, you’ll be given two more quests: visiting the House of Enlightenment and the House of Va’ruun, respectively.

After, Talk To The Va’ruun Prisoner

The prisoner from Va’ruun is being held in isolation by the United Colonies. Use the quest marker to find your way to Mi’rza at the UC security office in New Atlantis. Tell her that you were dispatched to find out more about the Unity by Keeper Aquilus.

In her version of events, Mi’rza will talk about a powerful fighter named Jinan from the House of Va’ruun. Four times Jinan met with a seemingly immortal Unbeliever, and each time he prevailed.

Starfield: Unity Quest

She will stress the importance of the four battles that Jinan fought against the Unbeliever over the course of 120 planetary revolutions. Mi’rza, however, would not elaborate, so you will have to follow up on your second lead in the House of Enlightenment.

Talk To the House of Enlightenment

Find Andy Singh, the House of Enlightenment’s contact, in the Well settlement in New Atlantis by following the quest marker. Again, probe him with inquiries concerning the Pilgrim of Unity. Singh will also offer his thoughts on an issue with the Unity and a character named the “Drifter.”

Starfield: Unity Quest

For Singh, the Drifter used to hang out in the original Enlightenment House, where he would ask people about their morality in the second person. The Drifter, however, eventually stopped coming to the House of Enlightenment.

Return to Keeper Aquilus in the Sanctum Universum with your findings so far, and he or she can help you put the pieces of the three narratives together. You may rely on Aquilus to help you unravel the mystery behind the House of Va’ruun, the House of Enlightenment, and the Sanctum Universum so that you can locate the pilgrim and continue your quest on the planet Indum II.

Go To Indum II

The trip there got off to an early and rapid start. Through the use of the mission directory, you will be able to make a direct jump to the corresponding system and arrive in front of the planet.

Starfield: Unity Quest

After that, you can utilize the map that provides a detailed perspective to locate the spot where the Pilgrims rested and set down your roots there.

Find the scorpion’s sting on Hyla II

If you haven’t been to the Hyla II system before, you’ll want to fill up on grav jump fuel before you go. It may take up to four grav jumps from the Olympus star system to reach Hyla II, depending on how thoroughly you’ve researched this route.

Starfield: Unity Quest

If the Gravity Jump (GRV) fails and an error message says it’s “pending,” check the ship’s power distribution system. After touching down on Hyla II, head to the ancient ruins marked by the mission marker to solve a simple problem.

Solving The Light Beam Puzzle

A light beam challenge must be solved before you can proceed with the task. This puzzle’s mechanics are simple, but you must pay attention to them. The ground will be carved with a constellation pattern, and a spotlight will point directly at your location within the constellation.

Starfield: Unity Quest

The light can be steered to the left with the left analog stick. Beam around until you find the last star in the constellation, and the riddle will be solved. After doing so, a globe will emerge on the constellation, and your goal will be revised.


What happens if you choose Unity Starfield?

In order to become a Starborn, your character gives up their entire life. In this new reality, you have lost your spouse, friends, parents, possessions, and all of your hard-earned successes.

Should you go through the unity Starfield?

Not unless you count doing NG+ or checking out the new ship. If you’re lucky enough to enter an alternate reality, your starborn armor and ship will improve dramatically after each run through Unity.

Do your choices in Starfield matter?

Some of Starfield’s more entertaining open-world features are made possible by the game’s lack of choice and consequences. Due to the game’s design, Starfield’s best moments usually occur while you’re doing what the game wants you to do: dabbling in everything.

Can you romance in Starfield?

The wide galaxy and its numerous experiences can be shared with the many friends you’ll make in Starfield. However, four of your friends can fall in love with you and you can choose to pursue a romantic relationship with any one of them. Only one serious relationship can exist at a time.