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Starfield: Tapping the Grid Guide


Discovering “Tapping the Grid” in The Well beneath New Atlantis is a simple early side task in Starfield. While it’s theoretically basic, the lack of a clear map makes discovering your objectives – locating a succession of connection boxes — somewhat tough. A new entry will appear in the activities menu whenever the player learns about Louisa’s predicament through a chance encounter in New Atlantis. Read this page for information on how to use the starfield grid tap instruction.

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How to Start Tapping the Grid

Louisa may be found directly across the street from the Med Bay, and is easily accessible to players who are either following a rumor or aimlessly exploring the area. Unlike other persons on the street, Louisa doesn’t move, making her easy to spot. She was expecting her partner Carl, but when he didn’t show up, she turned to the protagonist for assistance.

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

Finding a set of connector boxes dispersed throughout the Well is all that’s required of players. The objective sign never fails to indicate their location, but the Well’s disorienting layout can make them difficult to find. The first container is not hard to track down. Get yourself over to UC Surplus and have a look at the wall to the right of the entrance. When Louisa says to bring up the second panel, open the first one, flip the switch, and then wait.

Tapping the Grid in Junction Box 1:

For the first panel, Louisa will point you in the direction of Antonio’s shop, which is located close to the elevator that will transport you to Terrabrew. Turn around and sprint in a straight line until you reach the New Atlantis information terminal from the location where you are now speaking with Louisa. You will be able to view the panel in front of you if you turn to the left.

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

When I first finished the quest, there was a bug that prevented me from completing it. You’ll need to refresh the game and give it another shot if Louisa doesn’t say anything when you get close to the box.

Tapping the Grid in Junction Box 2:

The second one is located on the floor directly above Jake’s, which is a dive pub located close to the location where you originally met Louisa. Go past Jake’s, make a left turn, and then ascend the steps. Ignore the door that is locked and sealed in front of you and go straight ahead until you reach the end of the path, where you will find another door that is locked and sealed.

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

You can access the next box by interacting with the panel that is located next to it, proceeding up the stairs, and then opening the beige door that is directly in front of you. You can attempt to open the locked door at the end of the corridor if you head down the corridor to the right and then turn right. There is a potentially lethal robot inside, in addition to a sack brimming with credits.

Tapping the Grid in Junction Box 3:

Jake’s box is on one side, and the other side contains the third box. You’ll be able to find it if you make your way down to the open area with the fire and look at the opposite end of the square.

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

Tapping the Grid in Junction Box 4:

The last box is the most difficult to solve. According to Louisa, it’s in the vicinity of the Trade Commission, so go there. Keep moving straight ahead and use the steps to reach the Commission offices rather than turning right to enter the building.

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

After you’ve entered the room, make sure to pay attention to what Louisa has to say regarding the backup power boxes. You need to ensure that each of the four green lights is illuminated, which should resemble the image below.

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

In the event that you are unable to make out the red lights very well, the main takeaway from the image is that the only box that should be left untouched is the second box from the left. Put the other three into action. After you have completed “Tapping the Grid,” the “Alternating Currents” side quest will immediately become available to you.

Who Should Players Side With?

The final connection box has been brought back up to ground level, this time on the side of Athena Tower in New Atlantis. Turn the dial, and ride the elevator to the hacker’s penthouse. The flat is essentially vacant save from computer equipment, and players can learn what the hacker was up to by checking the computer terminal by the whiteboard. If you want to proceed, click “Download Files.”

Starfield: "Tapping the Grid" Guide

Both Kaminski and Louisa are keen on acquiring the information first, thus the players must now pick a choice. Nonetheless, this choice isn’t crucial. No matter who obtains the information, all players will receive 75 experience points and a level-adjusted sum of credits.

Even if Kaminski doesn’t acquire the information, the player can still do business with her, and Louisa has no bearing on the UC Vanguard storyline. Some physically active friends may have a preference for one over the other, but both are perfectly fine options.


What is the puzzle in tapping the grid Starfield?

Turning all four lights green is the solution to the challenge. Two lights are activated by each switch, but if the same switch is used again, both lights turn off. To make the lights green and unlock the door, players must first turn off the first and second switches, as seen in the image.

How to get to Louisa Reyez Starfield?

Starfield’s major storyline takes place on the planet Jemison, where the player will first come into contact with the Constellation. Use the elevator by the Spaceport to travel to The Well on this planet, where you’ll meet a local resident by the name of Louisa Reyez.

How do you start tapping the grid Starfield?

Whenever a random NPC in Starfield brings up a complaint, you’ll immediately begin receiving Activities. Tapping The Grid is one of these pursuits that may be turned into a side quest by speaking with the appropriate NPC in The Well region of Jemison.

How many lines does Starfield have?

Starfield is expected to include approximately 250,000 lines of speech, dwarfing both Skyrim’s 60,000 lines and Fallout 4’s 111,000 lines. Starfield has an immediate advantage over Skyrim’s dialogue due to its many dialogue options.