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Steam Game Is Free for Only 24 More Hours


Another Steam game has been made completely free to download and play, but there is a limited amount of time left to take advantage of the offer. For a limited time, between now and 10:00 a.m. EST on February 16, all Steam users may get Dear Esther: Landmark Edition for free, with no restrictions. Once you’ve downloaded the game, it’s yours to keep, and there’s no requirement to subscribe to the service. The game can be claimed by anybody, however it must be done before the previously stated date and hour. Once you’ve claimed the game, it will become a permanent part of your collection. Not only that, but with the upcoming release of the Steam Deck, you’ll be able to play the game on the move for the first time, and if you act quickly, you’ll be able to do so for no additional cost.

The game Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is a recreation of the 2012 first-person exploration adventure game by developer The Chinese Room, which is for people who are unfamiliar with it. Metacritic scores for the film range from 68 to 75, depending on the platform on which it was released in 2012. Despite receiving a mixed critical review, the game has managed to sell approximately one million copies worldwide to date. User reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly good, with a 76 percent positive rating, earning the game a “Mostly Positive” Steam User Review rating. In terms of the remake, it was released in 2017 to generally positive reviews. According to The Chinese Room, the Unity engine remake will include a complete audio remix as well as a new Director’s Commentary mode, among other things.

You may learn more about the game and see a trailer for it by clicking on the links below:

In the game’s official product blurb, it is described as follows: A desolate island… a lost man… recollections of a catastrophic accident… a book written by an explorer on his deathbed. Dear Esther transports you to a brilliantly realized environment, a distant and bleak island somewhere in the Outer Hebrides, where you will spend the most of your time. After taking a step forward, a voice begins reading pieces of a letter: ‘Dear Esther…’ – and thus begins a trip through one of the most innovative first-person games released in recent years: The Division. In lieu of typical gameplay, Dear Esther offers a pure narrative-driven experience that combines stunning settings with a breathtaking music to convey an affecting story of love, grief, guilt, and forgiveness. Dear Esther is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

The game is always available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however these versions are not free at the moment. If this situation changes, we will make the necessary updates to the narrative. As usual, please feel free to share your opinions and hot-takes in the comments area below, or you can reach out to me on Twitter @Tyler Fischer_ and let me know what you’re thinking.