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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations


In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you’ll immerse yourself in the vivid culture of a ragged young gang, pulling daring feats on rollerblades, skateboards, or BMX bikes. You can find a wide variety of collectibles all across the city as you travel from one spot to the next. The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk map card is highly sought after by collectors. All of the locations of the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk map cards are detailed below.

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All Map Card Locations

Collecting a map card will give you the locations of all the blank walls in the region. To truly take over a borough, you must cover up the tags of other crews with your own. Doing so will earn you valuable Reps, which are required for challenging and defeating rival gangs in order to take over their territory. See below for screenshots showing where each map card is located.

Pyramid Island

Here, atop Pyramid Island, is where you’ll find the map card. You can use the upward thrust to reach your destination. If you’re having trouble getting up, you can use the red booster that’s directly under the map card to help you out. After completing the chapter’s dream sequence and defeating DJ Cyber, this cartridge will become available for use.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations

Versum Hill

Positioned between two billboards, this map card is easy to spot. You can get the cartridge by using the boost to leap on one of them.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations


The map card is suspended far above the ground in this area, making it difficult to access. This can be done by ascending the highway on the same plane as the map card and landing on the enormous yellow bull’s horns. Grab the cartridge by grinding on them, jumping, and boosting off of their bodies. You can only access it after doing all the tasks in the Mataan area.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations

Millennium Square

The next cartridge can be found around the outer edge of the red circle. You can build a dead loop on it and get the map card if you jump on it. After finishing the chapter with Eclipse, you will unlock access to this feature.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations

Brink Terminal

The cartridge is shown here dangling in midair, and it is unclear how to get it. You have to vault onto the pedestrian bridge, and then ascend the bus stop’s roof. Getting the Brink Terminal graffiti map on a cartridge is a simple hop away.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations

Millennium Mall

The cartridge is sandwiched here between two squares that have circular cutouts. You can utilize the turret that unhooks you from the law enforcement to make your way there. You can also climb through the stores to a higher level to leap on the figure from there. This map card can be accessed when the Dot Exe Crew has been vanquished.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations


After the game is over, this map will no longer be playable. You’ll be shown in a cutscene how to get there. You’ll be directly in front of it, so all you have to do to get this map card is hop on the wires and grind. You can use it to locate all the graffiti hotspots once you get it.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Map Card Locations

We hope this guide has saved you time and effort in your search for map cards. Your gang will now be the most powerful in all of New Amsterdam, and capturing new territory will be a breeze.


Where is Shine Bomb Rush cyberfunk?

When the player has vanquished DOT EXE in a crew combat, she will be dancing in the mall. Look for her near the tables with umbrellas if you’re having problems locating her. When talking to Shine, she’ll ask the player to do her dancing move.

Where is mesh bomb rush cyberfunk?

Some of these personalities pop up at random, while others are reserved for the end credits. Mesh, the protagonist of this tour, can be spotted dancing solo atop the Brink Terminal.

How do you drain a water bomb rush cyberfunk?

Leave the Oldhead (140 rep needed) and make your way to the pier. You can wallride across a billboard if you grind up a lamppost. Find a rail hidden by a fence on the building’s edge, and sharpen it. Mark the control panel to turn off the water.

Should I play Bomb Rush Cyberfunk with a controller?

And I had no need to remap any buttons on either the controller or the keyboard and mouse to play the game. It’s a good-sounding and smooth-running game. As it should be, indeed. You’re in for a true indie treat with Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.