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Tchia: How to Get Gaby’s Treasure


Treasure abounds in the open world of Tchia, and early on in the game, the player is provided a guide by the NPC Gaby that directs them to a particular treasure. Gaby, a native of Weliwele, approaches players in one of the initial important chores, offering a treasure map in exchange for several crabs. After gathering all of the crabs the following day, Gaby gives them the treasure map and chest key. This page details the steps required to get Gaby’s Treasure in Tchia.

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How to Find Gaby’s Treasure

Players that are traveling close to the water near Dopwa have a good chance of seeing the rock formation that can be seen on the map that is located directly across the water. By descending to the base of this rock on the side that is exposed to the open water, one can see the treasure chest that is hidden behind the primary formation.

Tchia: How to Get Gaby’s Treasure

You may easily access the small cove that conceals the treasure by swimming or sailing to the peculiar formation and then ascending the rocks that lead up to the chest.

How to Get Gaby’s Treasure Map

You’ll run into Gaby, a local of Weliwele, while on the main mission. If you help Gaby catch some crabs, she’ll reward you with this treasure map. Wait until the next day, and on your way out of Weliwele’s house, she’ll give you the treasure map and chest’s key.

If this is the first treasure map you’ve seen in the game, you might be wondering what’s on it and how to use it. Find the treasure using both your map and the treasure map.

Tchia: How to Get Gaby’s Treasure

Once you have a treasure map in your inventory, you can switch to the treasure map whilst in the mini map or big map tab. Since the treasure map alone won’t tell you exactly where to look for the chest, having both will come in handy.

Rewards from Finding Gaby’s Treasure

The “Mask with Cloth” cosmetic item and another treasure map with a Red Key are within the box, which may be opened using the key supplied by Gaby. With the Red Key, the adventure continues, and the player visits new areas and meets more of Tchia’s cast of characters.

Nearly twenty-one different riches can be unearthed in the game, and each one is unlocked with a different colored key. Gaby’s treasure map hints at the next location, and the Red Key can unlock the chest that may be found further on. Fortunately, they won’t have to go too far because this wealth is also scattered over the Dopwa area of Ija Nöj.


How many treasure chests are in Tchia?

Tchia is home to twenty-one different treasure chests. The map can be obtained from Gaby upon arrival in Weliwele. From then on, the map to the next treasure will be included in every chest you open.

How do you get inside the shipwreck in Tchia?

Tchia’s twelfth treasure chest is located in a shipwreck off the shore of Madra Nöj. This wreck can be reached by boat or by jumping off a nearby bridge and swimming. The chest can be found near the wreck’s bottom. Get a crab and dive down to the chest to free it from its bonds.

Where can I find flying foxes in Tchia?

They are nocturnal, equally at home in caverns and dense forests as they are in the air. Once a person has been possessed by Soul-Jump, they get access to Flight and Night Vision. Tchia have the ability to fly, allowing them to travel great distances fast, and the ability to see in the dark.

What is the hidden achievement in Tchia?

There is only one hidden award for Tchia, and figuring out how to complete it is quite the riddle. Once you crack this code, however, you’ll be one step closer to the fabled Platinum Trophy. Locate Pwi Dua’s hand and perform a Soul Jump into it.

How do you upgrade your stamina to 120 Tchia?

Players need to find and eat Stamina Fruit to increase Tchia’s stamina. Tchia can increase her endurance by eating these magical fruits, which can be found on any island.