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Terra Nil – How to Scan for Seeds


Prior to completing the campaign mode, searching for seeds is an essential but not entirely simple phase. To revive the new ecosystem, you’ll need a supply of seeds if you wish to take off for another planet. Planning, strategy, and environmental expertise are required for this game. Gathering seeds is one of the game’s numerous features, if a late-game one. You can learn how to search for seeds in Terra Nullius by reading this article:

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How to Scan for Seeds

Click the Seed Vault Uplink symbol in the upper left corner of the screen to search your environment for various seeds. After choosing the biome to scan, move the crosshair on the screen with the arrow keys. The seed quantities are displayed beneath the Biome Scan text.

Terra Nil - How to Scan for Seeds

Once you’ve used up all of your stored seeds and have a checkmark for that biome, press the Scan button. Players must construct a Satellite Uplink and Rocket Silo in order to use the Seed Vault Uplink. Should you be unable to scan every biome, you will have to keep building your rocket until you have the necessary Communications Array.

Terra Nil - How to Scan for Seeds

Use the arrow buttons to shift the crosshair a few tiles if you are having problems locating enough seeds to fill the storage, then press the scan button once again. Areas that you have already scanned can be scanned very closely.

How to Use the Satellite to Collect Seeds

It is the end of the game. After arriving in the Flooded City area, you’ll be prepared to soar. You should have unlocked the level where you may begin constructing the rocket silo at this point in the game. This seems like a step in the wrong way for a game that centers around revitalizing land and undoing the damage caused by earlier generations.

Terra Nil - How to Scan for Seeds

You will be able to build a satellite uplink in Terra Nil once you have constructed a few rocket pieces. Next, you’ll see a tiny leaf icon next to the progress wheel in the upper left corner when this becomes available. When you click on this, a minigame will launch where you can gather seeds from every area you’ve worked on.


How do you collect seeds in Terra Nil?

In Terra Nil, the Satellite Uplink is a Tier 3 building. It launches a satellite that lets you search for different plant species and gather seeds to put in the seed vault, however it’s only available in the Beach Region.

How do you use satellite Terra Nil?

When you click the satellite icon, a menu appears that you may use to ping each of your four biomes to collect seeds. You can remember it if you collect them all. To enter the satellite minigame, where you load up seeds for the seed bank, click the seed/leaf button next to the progress circle.

How many levels are in Terra Nil?

The game remains manageable with only eight stages, allowing for replayability as you experiment with different defaults and try to locate every animal or accomplish every alternative goal.

What are the difficulty levels in Terra Nil?

Three tiers of difficulty are available in “Terra Nil”: Gardener, which is for those looking for a “calm experience,” Ecologist, which is for those who have played strategy games before, and Environmental Engineer, which is for those who have played “Terra Nil” a lot.

How do you melt snow in Terra Nil?

Install solar amplifiers near the coast to melt the ground and expose the rocks. Install turbines there, then grow to make grass by melting more land. To remove snow, place two or three Combusters on exposed grass to increase the temperature sufficiently.