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Terra Nil – How to Fix No Trees Issue in Abandoned Quarry


Planning your ideal environment in Terra Nil will need a lot of work, despite the game’s cute appearance. To transform your desolate plot of land into a flourishing landscape, there are a ton of things you may make. After defeating Terra Nil once, you can access the Abandoned Quarry map, although you might find it devoid of trees. You will learn how to fix “no trees” in the abandoned quarry in Terra Nil by reading this article:

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How to Fix No Trees Issue

It’s not that hard to fix the lack of trees in Terra Nil’s Abandoned Quarry. Even though it might not appear like it, the Quarry’s layout intentionally includes no trees. It’s supposed to force you to use critical thinking and all of your terraforming expertise to solve the riddle. After completing the first terraforming stage and accessing the second tier of buildables, you must incorporate Fynbos, Marshlands, and Forests.

But Fynbos necessitates planting beehives on trees, and Forests mandate burning Fynbos land.  On this Terra Nil terrain, select the Dehumidifier structure under weather-altering buildings to add plants. Set the dehumidifier on a grassy rock. This building produces Dry Brush in addition to lowering humidity around the map.

Place the solar amplifier into the brush to begin a controlled burn after placing the dehumidifier to generate a dry brush. To generate Building Husks, where you can put Arboretums to construct Forests, this will destroy any neighboring buildings and the grass. Then, to advance your ecosystem meters, you can plant beehives atop trees to produce Fynbos land inside the biome.

How to Get Trees in Abandoned Quarry

You’ll discover that you need beehives on trees to obtain Fynbos after you’ve unlocked the second set of buildables. Also, to access Forests, you need to burn Fynbos. If you only knew how to get trees in the first place, both would be rather straightforward to obtain. Even if it is not simple, you must go through multiple products.

Terra Nil – How to Fix No Trees Issue in Abandoned Quarry

To unlock trees, follow the instructions below.

  • From the section on weather-altering buildings, choose the dehumidifier.
  • Put it on a grassy rock and reduce the setting to less than 70%.
  • Dry Brush will result from this.
  • To burn it, use the Solar Amplifier with the Dry Brush.
  • Thus, Building Husks will be produced.
  • You can now place Arboretums to build Forests.
  • Put your hives on the trees from there to obtain Fynbos land.


How do you use the research Centre Terra Nil?

The only structure in Terra Nil that both improves and reduces the cost of Tier 1 Buildings is the Research Centre. The only tiles that can accommodate the Research Center are Soil, Greenery, and Fynbos tiles. The Tier 2 Buildings include the Research Center.

How do you recycle everything in Terra Nil?

Buildings within a specified radius will be automatically recycled if you place an airship first, followed by a recycling silo. The removal of those recycling silos is the final step. This requires loading docks, which should be positioned alongside rivers close to the recycling silos. A recycling drone should then be sent to pick up the debris.

How do you reduce toxicity in Terra Nil?

Toxin scrubbers should be constructed with as few scrubbers as possible in order to cover the greatest area possible for optimal effectiveness. A structure in Terra Nil called the Toxin Scrubber uses more than 80 tiles to transform the adjacent Wasteland into Soil. One of the Tier 1 Buildings is the Toxin Scrubber.

How do you get coral reefs in Terra Nil?

Click the coral building and the water that is within the monorail building’s reach. They must be set up on an irrigator, which will serve as the coral laboratory. After that, you must click on a monorail pole next to the lab and choose an appropriate area of the ocean to drop in the coral, which will bloom, next to another connected monorail pole.

How do you melt snow in Terra Nil?

Install solar amplifiers near the coast to melt the ground and expose the rocks. Install turbines there, then grow to make grass by melting more land. To remove snow, place two or three Combusters on exposed grass to increase the temperature sufficiently.