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The Growth of Celebrity Events Over the Years


The world of celebrity might not be a new one, but it is one that is always changing and developing. The introduction and growth of social media has changed how accessible celebrities are and changed the dynamics of what is considered a celebrity. Social media has allowed people to develop their own platforms and broadcast themselves into the homes of thousands of people without little more than an iPhone, some ideas for content and a bundle of confidence.

Celebrity Events

These days we have access to celebrity events more than we ever have before – live streaming, TV broadcasts and social media posts give us a glimpse into what it is like to be a celebrity. Social media influencers are keen to do ‘get ready with me’ videos and share a taste of what their life and their newfound fame is like. Whether this is the same as celebrity life before social media remains to be seen, but certainly, modern celebrity events seem to happen often, and they love to give the impression that we’re all invited.

Popular Celebrity Events in the Past

Online slots provider Betway recently put together some interesting stats about world events and how popular some celebrity events have been. Interesting facts that they shared included: