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The Latest Version of AMD’s ROCm, 5.4.3, Has Been Released to Address a Few Issues


It was in the month of November when AMD ROCm 5.4 was made available for download, and ever since that time, it has been regularly enhanced with new point releases to fix a variety of issues that have been discovered with this open-source Linux GPU compute stack. After ROCm 5.4.2 was made available for download in the middle of January, ROCm 5.4.3 is now ready for users to get their hands on. The v5.4.3 distribution comes with at least some fundamental release notes, which is an improvement over the version that came before it.

It is believed that ROCm 5.4.3 would resolve a variety of compiler address issues, hence addressing faults that have been present in releases that came before it. Those individuals who have previously encountered ROCm compiler errors related to handled SGPR overflowing to memory, being unable to scavenge registers in the absence of an emergency spill slot, or running out of registers while attempting to allocate registers should now discover that these issues have been rectified. That is all there is to say about the changes that have been spotted in preparation for the ROCm 5.4.3 release that took place today.

It is plausible to conclude that AMD is currently working on preparing the ROCm 6.0 release, which is typically delivered once every year because so little work has been done on ROCm 5.x in recent months and because the ROCm 5.4 point releases have taken so long to complete. After the release of ROCm 5.0, only a few short days will have gone, making the passage of time exactly one year. As was the case with a number of the earlier AMD accelerator releases, it is probable that the launch of ROCm 6.0 will be timed to coincide with the introduction of the Instinct MI300.