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The most requested features for the Steam Deck after one day


The latest portable PC gaming device from Valve, Steam Deck, has been in the hands of enthusiastic players for a whole day. Valve’s affordable gaming PC and outstanding mobile gaming system were born from some rather wacky experiments during the company’s inception. After just one day of use, these are the most often requested features for the Steam Deck.

As of this writing, 26 feature requests have been made on the Steam Deck’s community Steam page. Popular, recurring and rewarded requests from the group focus on keyboard customization. It makes sense, given the importance of having an easy-to-use keyboard. Poor onscreen keyboard options have long hampered console gaming, and PC gamers have learned to demand more from their keyboards.

The Steam Controller’s split trackpad typing method is being requested by a large number of gamers. Users may now text using the trackpad and triggers, which some have described as “a game changer” in the comments on the Steam Deck page. Hopefully this is a feature that will be available sooner rather than later.

It’s not the only thing that people are seeking for. With the Steam Link app for smartphones, some people want to customise the sequence of the keys so that they operate better for their linguistic preferences, while others want more extensive management of touch controls. Setting it up as a virtual keyboard when docked may be quite helpful.

There are a slew of other ideas as well, but none have garnered the same level of support. Other suggestions that I hope Valve considers include the ability to choose a different performance profile for each running game. Because the Steam Deck is a portable device, being able to cut down the processing power on simpler on-the-go games might save a significant amount of battery life. Profiles sound like a convenient method to keep track of all of stuff.

One more reasonable proposal is to do post-session surveys on titles that haven’t been validated for usage on the Steam Deck, which seems like common sense. Despite the fact that many games aren’t officially supported, this would provide the community a method to tell one other about them. In the meanwhile, a poll where individuals can share their experiences is the best approach to deal with this issue until additional games are officially released on the platform.

Finally, there’s a request that’s near and dear to my heart that has received a lot of support. A shipment of the Steam Deck to Australia is requested. Please! Totally on board with this request. If the supply increases as Valve has promised, we should be able to get our hands on one of these consoles shortly.