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The Outlast Trials – How to Unlock Program Omega


Many players have experienced multiple Rebirths. In essence, overcoming The Outlast Trials is what it means to be Reborn. Program Omega is the newest trial to be added to The Outlast Trials. It is a brief event that will only run for a few weeks. I request that all Reagents get together for the Omega Program, a limited-time event. This Co-op Only Mode, the inaugural Special Event for The Outlast Trials, will truly test your ability to function as a team. You may learn how to activate Program Omega in the Outlast Trials by reading this article:

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What is Program Omega?

The inaugural Special Event within The Outlast Trials is the Omega Program. Only cooperative gamers, who enter the game with friends or strangers, are allowed to participate. Omega does not require completion, in contrast to the other Programs, in order to witness the Ending and become a Reborn. You can take part in it as a part of Red Barrels’ latest, time-limited challenge at Murkoff’s Facility.

The program takes place within the police station, fun park, and orphanage that you are accustomed to seeing on maps. However, the Program’s requirements are different. Even though you still have to finish the same assignments, such “Kill the Snitch” and “Punish the Children,” the surroundings and variables are brand-new and very difficult.

How to Unlock Program Omega

Like with Program X, in order to access Program Omega, you must have finished all of the earlier Programs from 1 through 3. You can continue on your own by yourself through The Outlast Trials, but this is where your solo run ends.

The Outlast Trials - How to Unlock Program Omega

It is necessary to complete Program Omega in groups. Without one, you are unable to play Program Omega. Even while you might believe that playing with a group is simpler than playing alone, this new strategy will just make things more difficult.

Program Omega Rewards

Regretfully, there are no unusual or unique awards offered by Program Omega in The Outlast Trials. Instead, after completing its trials, players will only be able to obtain an unusual item. Many gamers are upset since there is no motivation to finish Program Omega.

The Outlast Trials - How to Unlock Program Omega

As of right now, the only motivation to finish this Trial is if you find it enjoyable and want to see how well your team works together with the new “Stay Together” function, which requires you to be near a partner in order to absorb damage.


How do you get release tokens in outlast trials?

Let Go Completing every trial in Program X earns you tokens. After completing the first three therapeutic programs, players can access Program X, which is the last one. Every program has a designated location: The Station of Police

What happens when you get 10 release tokens in outlast trials?

In essence, the player must gather 10 release tokens, which are obtained by successfully finishing Program X trials. You can access the Farewell Mansion passageway once you have ten.

What is the best rig in Outlast trials?

Any team participating in The Outlast Trials needs to have the Healing Rig. The Rig is very helpful for getting out of a tight spot because it produces a gas that heals the player and their allies.

How do you get outfits in Outlast Trials?

You can unlock new tops and bottoms and icons by increasing your level and finishing difficult trials. You have to buy new things to equip them whenever you unlock them in the character customization screen.

How do you change your gender in Outlast trials?

Use the mirror in your bedroom to alter your appearance once you’re in the sleeping area. Simply search for a person whose gender matches your desired gender under the genetics (where faces are) tab.

How do you use self defense in outlast trials?

Simply press the right mouse button while holding a brick or bottle in your inventory. Make sure that’s when you’re truly being taken. It comes in handy when you’re running off by yourself and one of those guys hidden in a barrel or locker jumps on you.