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The Roblox Outage of 2021: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Chipotle Boorito Maze Incident


Roblox Outage of 2021


Roblox, the renowned online gaming platform, encountered a major disruption in 2021 that left its users in a state of panic. For three consecutive days, the platform was inaccessible, triggering a wave of concern among players, content creators, and the media. In this article, we delve into the events surrounding the Roblox outage and the speculated cause behind it, with a particular focus on the infamous Chipotle Boorito Maze.

The Chipotle Boorito Maze Craze

The chaos ensued when Chipotle, the popular fast-food chain, introduced a game on Roblox called “Burrito Builder” or the Chipotle Boorito Maze. As part of an innovative promotional campaign, Chipotle collaborated with numerous Roblox YouTubers, who created videos showcasing the game’s Halloween event. What set this collaboration apart was the inclusion of a unique incentive: players who were among the first 30,000 to join the game received a promo code that entitled them to a free burrito at any Chipotle restaurant. This unprecedented offer attracted a massive influx of players.

The Unraveling of the Outage

The sudden surge in player activity overwhelmed the Roblox servers. Within hours of the game’s release, users experienced a range of issues, including glitches, avatar malfunctions, and difficulties joining games. As the situation escalated, all Roblox games witnessed a staggering 99% decline in active players. The platform’s website became virtually unusable, and even Roblox Studio, the vital tool for game developers, ceased to function. Eventually, a screen bearing the message, “We’re making things more awesome. Be back soon, Roblox,” appeared, leaving users in a state of uncertainty.

The Great Roblox Outage

The subsequent 78 hours marked a period of unprecedented outage, the longest in Roblox’s history. Users and content creators were thrust into a state of panic, speculating about the cause and duration of the disruption. While Roblox issued statements assuring its community that progress was being made and updates would follow, the lack of concrete information fueled frustration and anxiety.

The Chipotle Controversy

Given the timing of the outage and the overwhelming influx of players caused by the Chipotle Boorito Maze, many users pointed fingers at Chipotle, holding them responsible for the disruption. News outlets reported on the incident, linking Chipotle’s promotion to Roblox’s three-day shutdown. However, Roblox swiftly responded with a statement denying any direct correlation, clarifying that the outage resulted from a misconfiguration in a core Resource Management Service. They emphasized that it was unrelated to specific experiences or partnerships on the platform.

Recovery and Lessons Learned

Finally, on the 78th hour, signs of life returned to the Roblox platform. Players gradually regained access to games, and Roblox successfully restored its full player count. The CEO of Roblox issued an apology for the disruption, and the platform offered refunds to affected users. Although technical details regarding the misconfiguration remained undisclosed to the general user base, the incident highlighted the platform’s reliance on stable server infrastructure.


The Roblox outage of 2021, triggered by the overwhelming popularity of the Chipotle Boorito Maze, tested the resilience of the platform and its community. The three-day disruption left users frustrated and anxious, while speculation and debates surrounding the true cause of the outage persisted. Roblox, with its recovery efforts and subsequent improvements, demonstrated its commitment to delivering a stable gaming experience. The event serves as a memorable chapter in Roblox’s history, underscoring the platform’s ability to overcome challenges and the unwavering dedication of its community.