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Tips for passing the New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam?



The AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) exam is a new exam released by Amazon Web Services in March 2020. This exam is designed for individuals who are interested in becoming AWS Solutions Architects. If you are planning on taking the saa-c03 dumps pdf exam, then you may be wondering what tips can help you pass it. In this blog post, we will share some tips that can help increase your chances of passing the SAA-C03 exam. We will cover topics such as studying for the exam, using practice questions, and more. By the end of this blog post, you should have a better understanding of how to prepare for and pass the SAA-C03 exam.

What is the New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam?

The New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam is a performance-based exam that tests your ability to design and deploy applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The exam consists of two parts: a written portion and a hands-on portion.

To pass the written portion of the exam, you must earn a score of 70% or higher. The written portion of the exam tests your knowledge of AWS services and how to use them to design and deploy scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems on the AWS platform.

To pass the hands-on portion of the exam, you must demonstrate your ability to design and deploy an application on the AWS platform using a provided scenario. The hands-on portion of the exam is designed to test your practical skills in designing and deploying applications on AWS.

You can find more information about the New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam, including tips for preparing for the exam, in our blog post Tips for Passing the New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam?

Tips for Passing the New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam

To pass the new AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) exam, we recommend that you follow these tips:

1. Understand the exam format and content. The SAA-C03 exam is a multiple-choice, multiple-response, and scenario-based exam. It covers a wide range of topics related to AWS solutions architecture, including design principles and strategies, storage options, networking, identity and access management, monitoring and logging, scalability and high availability, automation and cost optimization.

2. Familiarize yourself with the question types. There are three types of questions on the SAA-C03 exam: multiple choice (single answer), multiple choice (multiple answers), and scenario-based questions. For each question type, we recommend that you take some time to understand the question format and learn how to approach each type of question.

3. Use practice exams to test your knowledge. Practice exams are an excellent way to test your knowledge of the material covered on the SAA-C03 exam. We recommend that you usepractice exams to identify areas where you need further study or review. Additionally, practice exams can help you become familiar with the exam format and question types so that you can approach the real exam with confidence.

4 .Don’t forget about the AWS Whitepapers! In addition to studying for the SAA-C03 exam, we also recommend that you review the relevant AWS whitepapers. These papers provide


If you’re planning on taking the New AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Exam, then congratulations! This is a great way to show your employer or future employers that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to work with Amazon Web Services. To help you prepare for the exam, here are a few tips: 1. Understand the basics of AWS architecture. You should know how AWS works and be familiar with its main features. 2. Study for the exam using practice tests and other resources. This will help you understand what to expect on the exam and ensure that you’re prepared for it. 3. Make sure you’re comfortable with the exam format and structure. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions that will be asked so that you can better prepare yourself for them. 4. Practice, practice, practice! The more familiar you are with the material, the better chance you’ll have of passing the exam. So take some time to review key concepts and practice questions as often as possible leading up to your test date. check my reference.