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To compete with Google Explore, Samsung Free is now Samsung News


In the event that you have ever scratched your head and thought, “What exactly is Samsung Free?” you should know that you are not the only one to have done so. It was brought to smartphones with the One UI 3.0 update, and it seemed to arrive out of nowhere, leaving many users bewildered as to what it was and where it came from in the first place. The new version appeared without any warning. It is a content aggregator that brings together in a single location things like live TV, podcasts, articles from the news, and interactive games. Because it is called “Free,” you won’t have to pay anything to access any of the stuff that is available to you through Samsung Free.

You may access the Samsung Free app by swiping to the left on the Home screen to get there. The function can still be utilized; however, in more current iterations, it is now known as Samsung News. The feature has been given a new name, but in all other respects, it remains the same. From now on, Samsung Free will be referred to as Samsung News rather than by its previous name. In the updated version of the experience, the tabs labeled “Read” and “Listen” have been merged into a single tab. Also, it will place a higher emphasis on news material, which will make it much simpler for people to locate and interact with news on their mobile devices. This is because the new emphasis will be placed on the news content.

The “Watch” and “Play” tabs will no longer be available as a consequence of this renaming; this is yet another indication that Samsung intends to concentrate the major emphasis on news with this upgrade. It will continue to provide free television programs as well as video games by utilizing its Samsung TV Plus and Game Launcher apps. It should come as no surprise that Samsung wants for this feature to compete with Google Explore in some fashion. At this moment, it is impossible to say for certain whether or not this will turn out to be the situation. After the Samsung Free app has been upgraded further than version 6.0.1, users will have access to the Samsung News area of the app. Samsung is going to begin pushing out this upgrade to users’ devices in stages beginning on the 18th of April.