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Top 10 common issues of playing WoW


World of Warcraft has been a popular MMO game featured by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is primarily based on fantasy and role-playing. It was developed as a sequel to its 1994 title, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. In it, players take control of a powerful being within the game’s world who must complete quests and defeat enemies to progress through the story.

Top 10 common issues of playing of WoW

There are some reasons why people face problems while playing World of Warcraft. One can solve these problems by using professional boosting services like buy power leveling in World of Warcraft. However, this article will discuss the ten most common issues players face while playing the game.

1) Lack of time:

This is the most common reason for people frustrating WoW. Players often have to balance their time between real-life activities, family work, and business. As a result, they do not have enough time to raid or participate in other lengthy WoW activities.

2) Limited playing time:

Another reason for players frustrating WoW is the lack of playing time. This is especially true for students and people with full-time jobs. As a result, they cannot progress further in the game, which often leads to quitting WoW after reaching a dead end.

3) Steep learning curve:

Many people consider Warcraft a challenging game with a steep learning curve or just too complex. This is especially true with getting started in the game’s early levels. As a result, these players quit the game after a few tries and lack interest in learning all that is required for them to know to progress further.

4) Not enough friends:

This is also one of the main reasons many people stop playing WoW. They often play WoW alone and lack real-life friends, guildmates, or even people they can ask for advice. As a result, it is hard to progress further in the game, and being alone becomes very dull.

5) Missed content:

Another common reason for frustrating WoW is that players often forget or simply do not have enough time to play all the different kinds of activities required to progress further into the game. In many cases, this includes farming for various items and achievements needed to unlock specific raids or mythic dungeons.

6) Lacking equipment:

This is another reason that can lead to a player frustrating WoW after a while. Players often lack the proper equipment they need to succeed in endgame activities such as mythic dungeons and raids or become competitive in PvP.

7) Not enough RIO scores:

As a result of having limited time to play, players often miss out on the main progression path of gearing up their character with better items as they do not have enough time to farm for said items. In most cases, this is done through mythic dungeons where the best gear and rewards are available. This can ultimately lead to a player quitting the game as they feel stuck and unable to progress further.

8) Dislike of the main class:

Another common problem that players face is that they do not like their primary class and cannot level up their alt character. This becomes very frustrating over time and can lead to players quitting the game altogether.

9) Lack of gold or other in-game resources:

One of the main reasons people stop playing WoW is that they lack gold or other in-game resources necessary for progression. This can be frustrating, especially if the player has reached a dead end due to a lack of funds.

10) Boring in-game grind:

The last common reason for players frustrating WoW is that they find the game too dull. This often includes activities such as grinding for gold, resources or experience points which can take a long time and become repetitive after a while. As a result, these players leave the game altogether.


These are the top 10 most common problems players face while playing WoW. In most cases, these reasons lead to people using boosting services. If you are facing any of these problems, it is advised that you find a way to solve them as soon as possible to enjoy the game to its fullest. Otherwise, you might find yourself frustrating WoW as well. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.