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Top 15 Things to Consider & Ask Before Purchasing Refurbished iPhones


Buying a gadget that is costly can be confusing. You keep wondering whether to spend the money or save it for something else. However, there is a possibility of getting your favorite smartphone without going broke. 

Ezewholesale is a completely automated electronic marketplace for the trading of electronics. They make sure that the electronic devices you buy are in the best condition before sending them to you. The wholesale iPhone, or any other smartphone, laptop, etc doesn’t compromise the quality of each individual unit.

The iPhone is expensive but definitely worth it but sometimes you don’t have the means to get your hands on the latest one. Many people find these attractive as they signify luxury and come with a lot of interesting features. 

Getting a refurbished iPhone is a good compromise to get all the functionality at a much more affordable price. But before you make your final decision, it is crucial to do some research. Along with the iPhone, tech lovers can even get their hands on the best tablet wholesale deals available in the market. All you have to do is check out the link mentioned above and get started on selecting the latest models of your choice.

One of the reasons that buying an iPhone that is refurbished is a good deal as you can check the health and history of the device without much effort as it is already loaded with features to check the overall condition of the phone.

A refurbished iPhone is comparatively a better option than most of the smartphones in the market as they come with many inbuilt features to check the physical health or software of the device. 

Here are some points that you should consider before purchasing refurbished iPhones:

1. Original receipt: When you are buying a refurbished iPhone, it is always a smart idea to get the original receipt. It works as proof of initial purchase. This will ensure that you have all the information related to the ownership history of your device. Having the receipt will also ensure that there is no security risk. 

2.Warranty: Having the original receipt with you, it would be easier to get to know the remaining time of the warranty. In case you face any difficulty with the device, later on, the warranty would ensure that you get proper assistance from the company.

3. Serial Number: The unique serial number of your device will provide all the information about the warranty validation as well as the manufacturing details of the device. You will also be able to check all other service and support-related information on Apple’s official website.

4. IMEI number: International Mobile Equipment Identity, commonly known as IMEI number is a unique number for each device that is used for tracking a lost mobile phone. It is solid proof of the purchase of the iPhone and you check the device network, country, version, operating system, specifications, and warranty using it.

5. Price point: To get to the value for your money, you must evaluate the price of the model you want to buy. You should take into consideration how old the device is. 

6. The authenticity of the parts: In case the seller has had any repairs beforehand, you should make sure that the replaced or repaired parts are genuine. 

7. Activation lock: To make sure that the phone you are buying isn’t stolen, you should check the activation lock of the iPhone. It is a feature that prevents any unauthorized access in case you lose it or it is stolen.

8. Check Camera: You are buying an iPhone so that you enjoy all the premium features of the phone so make sure that you are getting that. Make sure to check the camera quality to ensure that there isn’t any issue with it.

9. Check all the ports: A previously used device can have any port damages and before buying the phone, you must check that all the open ports are working and in good condition.

10. Battery: All electronic devices’ batteries tend to get damaged after a while but before you buy an iPhone, don’t forget to check the current health of the device’s battery. 

11. Touch: It is crucial to check the responsiveness of a device before buying it. Check all the touch functionality by swiping, tapping, and zooming the screen. 

Along with that, you need to check the Home button too. And while checking all these gestures, assess the duration of time it takes for all these functions to happen.

12.  Microphone and Speaker: While testing the physical features of the phone, check the speaker of the phone by enabling the maximum volume on the iPhone. 

To check the Microphone, you can send a voice message or call someone. Make sure there is no noise or disturbance in the clarity of your voice message to check the efficiency.       

13. Signs of wear and tear: A used phone can have some scratches on the side or back panel. And if the damages are minute, it won’t affect your phone’s functionality. 

But if the scuff marks are prominent and are causing any issues with the smooth functioning of the device, avoid buying it. 

 14. Water damage: Any water damage to the device can be a real problem as it is not covered in the warranty service provided by Apple. But if you are buying iPhone 5 or any later models, you can check the Liquid Contact Indicators to check for any damages caused by water. Red LCI shows that there has been water damage and the device isn’t suitable for purchase.

15.Original accessories and box: To make sure that you are getting a good deal, don’t forget to ask for the original accessories like USB cable, power adapter, etc along with the original box of the device.