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How to Run a Bar Successfully


When you open a bar, you’ll be dreaming about it becoming busy and successful. But this is easier said than done. Attracting and retaining customers can be difficult at the start. But there are ways to give yourself the best possible chance. Read on to find out how to run a bar successfully.

Brand your bar to fit the local area

Your local customers will form the foundations of your bar – you need to establish a loyal customer base. As such, you should ensure your bar suits your locality. This can be achieved by selecting the perfect name and branding for your area. Perhaps even more importantly, you should adopt a price list and menu that suits the potential customers you’ll be bringing in too.

Keep menus simple

Customers will appreciate a simple menu that they can easily navigate. By having the most popular local drinks available, you should be able to keep customers happy. This doesn’t mean you can’t try out an individual signature drink though. In fact, this can help set your bar apart. You could do this by adding sweets to the glass, fruit or using a soldering torch to set the drink alight.

Train your staff

You can have the most exciting bar in the area, but if staff aren’t appropriately trained, you’ll struggle. Instead, you should ensure that every member of your team is comfortable with their role and duties. This can help you run more efficient service and keep customers happy. As an added bonus, if your staff are cheerful and friendly this can give you a boost too.

Optimise the layout

Optimising the layout can help you run a successful bar too. Start by evaluating the space you’re operating in. If you have a wide expansive bar, then you could consider adding games such as pool tables or an area to play darts. Alternatively, if you have a tighter space, you could create a more stylish, intimate bar with carefully selected décor. Ultimately, you should make your space work best for you.

Have something for everyone

A well-rounded bar with something for everyone can be extremely popular. This begins by creating a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes everyone – if there’s a sign of trouble you should swiftly deal with the difficult customer. From there, you can cater to all sorts of different tastes with your food and drink to leave everyone feeling happy.