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Top 7 Interesting Science Cognitive Movies for High School Students and Beyond


We suggest that you combine business with pleasure and watch a high-quality soap opera, which is not at all worse than blockbusters but develops your brain. And you should have watched a popular science series.

Good cinematography, along with literature and theater, not only allows you to have a good time, but also develops your horizons and vocabulary, which can be useful in studies for writing best custom essays on a given topic or for participating in quizzes, besides, movies are a great topic to discuss with friends and new people to expand the social circle.

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Space: Space and Time

One of the most popular and rated series in the world about the structure of the universe. Consists of two seasons that talk about the universe, outer space, evolution, and the origin of life on Earth. The authors explain complicated scientific terms and facts to viewers simply and understandably. Magnificent picture and quality sound rivet to the screens.

Mind Games

No, this is not an Oscar-winning film with Russell Crowe, but a science-themed series of the same name. Each episode is devoted to one of the facts about how the brain works. The episodes show the most interesting experiments that you can do yourself and improve your memory, attention, and thinking.

Life After People

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the people on Earth suddenly disappeared? The creators of the series fantasized about this topic thoroughly and scientifically. The planet will not be cleared in an instant. Metropolitan areas will gradually collapse, nuclear power plants will explode, harmful substances from many industries will fall into the air, water, and soil, pets will go wild… The process is scheduled for millions of years. Until traces of human activity are completely erased.

From a scientific point of view.

A series with a speaking title. In the episodes unbiased and provable – that is, from a scientific point of view – the actual issues of the present: historical facts, natural phenomena, logically and with practical confirmation the events are explained, which uneducated people may consider paranormal.

Legend Breakers

Well-known American and internationally popular series of fascinating episodes that instill in viewers a love of science and logical thinking. Charismatic hosts and their assistants take a scientific look at popular misconceptions, myths, and legends, test them empirically, and come to surprising conclusions.

Through Space and Time with Morgan Freeman

A multipart project by Discovery Channel and the American actor and director Morgan Freeman tackles questions that have been relevant for as long as there has been mankind: “Is there time?”, “Does the universe have borders?”, “Is eternal life possible?” and others. One question – one series.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

The most famous scientist (now deceased) Stephen Hawking was confined to a wheelchair, in the last years of his life he could communicate with people only through a computer. But, by his admission, he was free in his mind. Free to explore the universe and ask important questions. Is there life on other planets? Where could it be found? Do aliens have intelligence? What might an encounter with them bring to humanity? Find the answers in a fascinating film starring a renowned physicist and science popularizer.