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Top 7 Leading Professional Transcription Services


Why to Approach Professional Transcription Services?

Nowadays  professional transcriptions services are in great demand with people of different occupations. Still, businesses are striving for professional assistance most of all. A good transcription can give you a number of advantages and be used in different ways. While some people choose to use dedicated applications, most of them finally understand that apps can’t cope with technical areas, for instance, medicine and law. Of course, you can try to save money and use plain apps as well. However, mind that transcription services use both human review as well as automated software. It means you can achieve better accuracy while saving time and effort. Don’t know what transcription service to choose? Consider the list of the leading professional services that offer top-quality assistance with video and audio transcription online.

 What are the Best Transcription Services?

The market is full of transcription companies offering medical, court and legal transcription so that you will not face any difficulties if you decide to look for “transcription services near me. You just need to look closer at each of them, study the terms, prices, guarantees, and decide which one can meet your requirements better. To make your choice a little bit easier and quicker, we prepared a list of the best professional transcription services.


In case you want to be sure about a top-notch result, you are recommended to pay attention to This service has a perfect reputation among the clients of various niches. Along with affordable costs, you can enjoy the simplicity of the ordering procedure and the overall outcome. The service offers automated solutions as well as manual transcription. Hence, you can easily convert any necessary English content into text with 99% accuracy. Transcriberry. com guarantees quick delivery and full confidentiality for all clients. Special terms, difficult accents, and other related issues are not a problem for this service.


Here you can get both automated and manual services. In the case of manual transcription, you can expect 99% accuracy with a 36-hour turnaround time. You should be ready to pay extra in case the speakers have a difficult accent, the background is noisy, or the file is generally of poor quality. The process is quite simple. You are just expected to upload the file, select the plan, pay, and wait till your order is ready. The service guarantees careful proofreading, confidentiality, and top-quality accuracy. Scribie also offers a free automated service that will suit you in case you need a less sensitive transcribing job. In this case, the accuracy is 80-95%.


Undoubtedly, Rev impresses potential clients with a variety of provided video and audio transcription services. Here you can order subtitles, captions, and translations for all kinds of files. If you need a top-quality transcription quickly, then be sure to get what you want within a couple of hours and enjoy 99% accuracy. Another distinctive feature of Rev is the great balance between error rate and transcription speed. Rev is quite fast in terms of speed that you can enjoy without compromising the overall transcription quality. A good online reputation makes more and more people choose this service; still, you are recommended to study the terms attentively before placing an order.


Those people who are on a tight budget can choose Temi. The service provides automated voice transcription at a very affordable price. The customer base is quite large, and most of them are reported to be satisfied with the result. Advanced speech recognition software will let you transcribe a necessary file (either video or audio) in just five minutes. In case your file does not contain complex accents or noise, then you can expect 90-95% accuracy. The final result is available in PDF or MS Word format. Users with less transcription requirements will surely like the absence of subscriptions, minimums, or other monthly fees.

Transcription Panda

In case you choose this service, you should be ready for a higher price with a short turnaround time. If you can wait for 5 days, then the rate will be cheaper. In other words, Transcription Panda is a good option for those who are on a tight budget and do not mind waiting. The clients’ reviews are mostly positive, with a few ones who were not 100% satisfied with the provided outcome.

GMR Transcription

It comes up with a variety of transcription services, including human review, automated checkup, converting paper files into electronic ones, etc. Still, be ready to pay more in comparison to other services with a low-end turnaround time. Sometimes, clients have to wait for weeks, which seems to be unreasonable if you remember that there are services with a quicker delivery like Transcriberry. The final cost also may grow in case the provided file has speakers with difficult accents or the overall quality is not good.


This transcription service offers quite affordable prices while promising good accuracy that all clients are looking for. In terms of advantages, it is possible to admit a project complexity. In other words, you will be able to enjoy a great outcome even for scientific or technical projects. The result will not suffer from the initial complexity. As for the turnaround time, GoTranscript impresses with fast delivery that is 6-12 hours on average. Still, non-Britain residents will not be able to enjoy such an advantage since projects come later.


The service aims to keep the balance between pricing and error rate. While it can come with less accuracy, you will pay less as well. Hence if your budgeting is not big, then it makes sense to consider TranscribeMe. As a result, you will save money and get a nice outcome without sacrificing the quality a lot.

Summing –up

The choice of a professional transcription service may be quite challenging. You should decide what your budget, expectations, and requirements are. In this case, you will make the decision quicker and easier. Make sure you learn all terms and conditions of a selected service before placing the order.

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