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Top beautiful, best places to see in Estonia


In this article, we will explain why Estonia is still the best place to see. Let’s start with the question of why one must visit Estonia? Why must one spend his holiday in this country? This country has everything and all at an affordable price. Mountains for skiers in the winter season and sea to bring the crowd in number in the summer season. There are so many beautiful and best places to see in Estonia.

Best places to see in Estonia:

best places to see in Iceland

Various places require to explore. To keep people interested, the country has stunning coasts, medieval cities, and enormously rich history. The country has a border with Russia, the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, and Latvia, making it accessible from a variety of locations. It is one of the reasons why visitors often have concerns. 

The nicest part of visiting Estonia is that it is inexpensive for guests and does not add to your debt load. Tallinn, Estonia’s largest and most visited city, is one of the country’s many attractions. Different things that tourists will observe in these regions are Caves, Beaches, Forests, Monasteries, Water springs, Rivers, Music, Food, Waterfalls. 

Apart from these, numerous other places in Estonia should be on your bucket list. But here we will mention some of them so that tourists can save a lot of time and fully enjoy their vacations by visiting mesmerizing beauty of Estonia:

  • Tallinn
  • Lahemaa National Park
  • Saaremaa
  • Tartu
  • Narva Castle
  • Parnu
  • Rakvere Castle
  • Hiiumaa
  • Soomaa National Park
  • Viljandi
  • Lake Peipus
  • Matsalu National Park


It is the capital city of Estonia with every attraction and beauty for its visitor to experience and enjoy. Moreover, it is a combination modern world, luxurious nightlife, thrilling adventures. It would be an injustice to this city if we do not praise it to the level it deserves. It would be immoral of us not to name Tallinn the number one city. As it is deserving due to its beauty. Moreover, Tallinn is the most well-known popular tourist destination.

Toompea, the city’s major attraction, has preserved the city’s ancient and historic atmosphere with cobblestone streets and 15th-century enterprises. For history buffs, the area has been properly preserved and is walkable. The buzzing and bustling Old City is a must-see from the uppermost part of Toompea. The places one should explore within Tallin are several that are Old Town, Kadriorg, Kalamaja, Telliskivi, Noblessner, Near Tallinn, Rocco Al Mare, Pirita, and Viimsi.

Lahemaa National Park:

If someone wants a perfect date trip, then Lahemaa is the place to visit. It is undoubtedly one of the most well-known tourist destinations. This park is about an hour’s drive from the capital. Also, it was among the Top 100 destinations to visit. Moreover, it is perfect for a day trip. One must not miss the Viru Bog or Viru Raba while visiting the park. The trees sticking out of the swampy ground have an ethereal feel to them that adds to the charm of this environment.

Take the 3-mile broad walk to explore the Viru Bog, which is a dry trail that keeps you away from the water so you can appreciate the beauty more closely? You can also go to the Sagadi Manor, which is located in the park’s heart and is a fascinating place in the Sagadi Village. Furthermore, it is a forest conservation area where several animals exist. Some of them are moose, bears, foxes, and other wild animals. 


Saaremaa is one of Estonia’s most beautiful places to visit. The history of the island dates back 8000 years. Over time, it was ruled by the Swedes, Danes, Russians, and Germans. Visitors spend their time at Kuressaare, the island’s capital, where they can explore the island’s intact medieval castles. It is the place where tourists can spend their summer’s time viewing whole new beauty and scenery. Also, people who are interested to explore culture should visit churches. Along with churches, there are farms, military buildings, castles, lighthouses to be explored.


It is considered the intellectual hub of the country. Because there is a university named the University of Tartu.  This university has a lot to offer to Travelers which includes an art museum, observatory, botanical garden, and library. Moreover, it attracts many travelers from all around the world because it is one of the old cities of the country.

It is referred to as the best place to see in Estonia. If someone wants a virtual tour of Tartu then the person should visit Tartu’s official website, but we will still recommend you visit yourself and enjoy true beauty. Tartu has a lot of factories providing jobs to many people of Estonia. Factories are related to footwear, food, machinery, agriculture, and many others.

Narva Castle:

This tourist destination is located in the east of the country. There was a lot of damage during World War 2, due to which it was rehabilitated. However, it is in hype by many travelers from all corners of the world. Furthermore, it has point named Tall Hermann Tower. The castle covers an area of 3.2 hectares. This is the best place for history lovers to gad around here. Visitors can learn a lot within a few minutes that one can do not learn and experience through books. There are facilities for persons who can not walk for example they can use wheelchairs to visit the castle.

Along with paths that help a disabled person to explore the castle themselves. Within the castle, there are signboards on which the complete history of the castle is explained. Visitors can enjoy free parking, free Wi-Fi, guide services available in various languages, meals, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and many more. 


Parnu has a lot to offer to travelers with spas, concerts, sailing, cycling, beaches. It is very much famous for its unique and historic cafes. There are attractive parks like Soomaa, Matsalu National Park where one can find five different seasons. Moreover, it is also famous for hiking trails. Many hikers visit this place only to avail this service. Places that you must when you travel to Parnu are Kihnu, Alpaca farm, Lotte Village. Due to its ancient history, Kihnu is part of UNESCO. This is a great point for locals and foreign visitors especially for Japanese who came to know that it is among UNESCO culture lists.

Rakvere Castle:

Visiting this castle take back us to the 16th century. People can spend the whole day thereby exploring how people were living their lives to the fullest during old times. Within the castle, there is a torture chamber, an alchemist workshop, barbershop, wine cellar. Different prices of tickets are available for adults and families to visit the ancient castle. To help travelers fully understand each part of the castle there are also travel guides available in various languages.


It is the second-largest island in Estonia. It is famous for its lighthouses. The places that attract visitors are coastal life, harbors, beaches where one can plenty of quality food. It has won the European Destinations of Excellence competition in the year 2015. Various trails are home to greenery and wildlife. Its seafood is so much famous that it was nominated as a food tourism place in 2011. 

Soomaa National Park:

People know it as a great flood area. Flood is also considered to be its 5th season. It is a shelter for wild animals and birds. These are home to deer, lynx, wolf, elk, and many other wild animals. It’s very famous for its old history which reaches back to the stone age. It has also won European Destinations of Excellence in the winter category.


It is the most visited location for the summer festival in which folk music, medieval fairs are held.  Furthermore, it has a large student from culture academy who strolls local streets singing folk music year around. It is near by beach famous for boating and sailing.

Lake Peipus:

It is the fourth-largest lake in the country with an area of 3550 square km. You will find the lake frozen to form the Narva River. It is home to migratory birds which are gees, swans, and ducks. This beautiful lake is facing a decline in its beauty due to agricultural and industrial waste in it. Lake is an important source of fishing and enjoyment. It is one of the best places to see in Estonia. 

Matsalu National Park:

It was established in the year 1957. It is home to 270 different bird species. If you visit this lake during the migration period, you can see large flocks. It has got a lot of awards and several recognitions. Also, it has a different opening that you must keep in mind and inform its visitors. It covers an area of 9700 hectares.

A Brief Description of Estonia:

Estonia has a rich history, culture, churches. It became a member of the EU on 1 May 2004. Estonia has a parliamentary system. The climate of Estonia is cold winters, hot and rainy summers. There are beautiful destinations and best places to see in Estonia that makes it top the travel choice in Europe. 

One should visit Estonia to enjoy its organic fresh, clean food. It is famous for its forests. Forests abound with edible fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, cloudberries, and mushrooms. While rivers, lakes, and the sea abound with delectable fish such as salmon and sea trout. In a world where everyone needs to be always connected, whether, by phone, laptop, or tablet, Estonia ensures that all visitors can tweet, Snapchat, and tweet. 

It is to spread information about how amazing Estonia is by providing free Wi-Fi connections across the country. Because of its small size, Estonia is a perfect destination for those who want to go even further off the beaten path and see everything the country has to offer. Tartu, Värska, Viljandi, and Haapsalu are all conveniently accessible by public transit and make for excellent day getaways from the capital.

Facts that you do not about Estonia:

Other than the best places to see in Estonia, there are several hidden facts that we will explore in this article about Estonia. They speak Estonian along with other multiple languages like Russian, English, German, and Finnish. Forests cover more than 50% of the country. People living in Estonia love trees therefore they pay special attention to preserving natural beauty. It is among the least densely populated country in Europe. The population of Estonia is just 1.3 million in number.

In recent years its population has increased due to immigrants traveling to Estonia. The country has several islands. Each island has its unique culture, traditions, songs, folk stories, ethics. People living on the island love to do swimming. Fishing is a favorite hobby of people living on the Islands. 

Estonians love to sing and dance. Due to this, they are sometimes referred to as a singing nation. There are events are held for music and dance. Where people prepare themselves and participate with full zeal. Music played a vital role in the independence of the country. Because it was used to inspire people towards a separate independent homeland. It has a large number of churches each with its unique history. Mostly there are orthodox who follow their region strictly. 

They have made everything digitalized. They do their voting, shopping, documents verification, taxation, licenses online. This saves a lot of time and effort to avoid long lines. More dependency and use of online services mean less dependence on bureaucracy and better transparency with minimum corruption. By using an online setup number of people living in various countries can get their residence. Famous personalities that have Estonian residency are Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. 

Upcoming events in Estonia:

Apart from the best places to see in Estonia, you can take part in:

  • Tallinn Christmas Market
  • Christmas City Tartu
  • Christmas market in Väätsa
  • Exhibition “GENE-IUS”
  • From Cave to Cuddles. The Story of Dogs and Humans
  • Exhibition “One Moment”
  • World Mail & Express Europe


We hope we have persuaded you to visit Estonia as your next holiday destination; it would be a shame to miss out on all that this small Baltic country has to offer. This article highlights the best places to see in Estonia. Along with highlighting also explains what things you must do during your travel and what not to. By reading it the reader can know the worth of Estonia. Next time if Traveler will visit then, Estonia will be on his top list.

This is the promise of the writer that you won’t regret it. Travel will bring you happiness and better health why not give it a try and spend your next weekend in Sofia. Then spend your next holiday visiting Rakvere Castle, Lahemaa National Park, and Tartu.