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Top Racing Games for Every Kind of Gamer


Racing games are one of the most enjoyable and thrilling gaming types. By and large, they can be disseminated along a range anyplace between hardcore simulations and less complex arcade games. All are referred to for its quick pace as you drive your virtual vehicle at speed on which you cannot match.

They are likewise eminent for its social angle as the split-screen on comfort recreations were ordinarily found in the racing.

Car games are very attractive as they give you and your friend a chance to tackle with each other. They also provide good time pass when you have nothing to do. You can find plethora of videos games now a days but racing games have not lost their fun.

We have listed some of the most famous racing games of all times for you, so you can have the choice to select from the best.

Need for Speed Most wanted

Need For Speed is one of the most entertaining and most liked game of all time as it gives numerous options and customization of cars and can operate in low graphics and less modified system also. Even the failed edition of Need For Speed series have been appreciated by many critics. It all started for NFS with Need For Speed II Special Edition. We can bet, if you are reading this article, you have played NFS II SE. It was a masterpiece of the time. The fun was ultimate, especially, playing with the dinosaur car was mesmerizing. But NFS II Se is not the alpha of the series. The one game that caught massive attention was Need For Speed Most Wanted from 2005.

The game revolves around the street racing story in which 15 other racers take part to finish the track in most challenging conditions. The game provides options to modify your cars of your desire. A game of 2005 with numerous modifications available is one hell of a thing. Other racing games were also released by this unit but Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 was best of them so far.

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is a game that gives you the racing options on many tracks using every one favorite Mario character. The italic plumber is highly praised and loved by the gaming fans to this time. This game gives that unique feature of obtaining the advantage by weakening their opponent using special features. You can gain edge over your opponents via certain abilities. Remember, if you can use them, so can your opponents. Most appreciated version by gamer of this unit was released in 2008. One big feature that is enjoyed most is that the game is playable by four players at the same time. Means no one has to wait for their turn or have to sit idle. The challenging game gives good game experience to both adults and young gamer and has the record sold of more than 37 Million copies.

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3 is a flagship racing game that makes its drivers to run the lap quick way. The game is available in Xbox. It was designed to be a rival of Gran Turismo of Play Station. Although Forza Motorsport 3 was highly appreciated at the time. Still, it never raised the popularity bar to match Gran Turismo. This unit provides both the racing style to roam freely or to race in the busy streets. With 400 plus cars and more than 50 available brands, the game gives huge option to race in more than 100 tracks. It even challenged the game makers to match the level of this game at the time.

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Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is the response game after Forza Motorsport is being released. It was a legend of the time. We highly suggest that you play this time. You may not like the graphics now but the game still has a catch to it. This game was specially made on PlayStation and has marked itself to be one of the most entertaining game of its time. With more than 80 Million copies sold, this holds the record for PlayStation Mega Sale. This game gives option of around 650 cars with 27 available tracks and more details are added to make it look realistic and simulators enjoyed every increment made for its improvement. Soon even the critics were left with no choice but to appreciate this game and the game was ranked Fifth best game of all time by UK PlayStation Magazine.

Burnout 3 Breakdown

This racing game on its time gave same options like other racing games of just time beating and crossing your opponent in track. It was released in 2004. The game gives good experience of arcade run. The game was made on reality ground features with good street light effects and street traffic is made more intense. Wrong lane indication, near miss and drifting were new features were introduced. For those gamer who like making chaos and running their car roaming around, this game is best for them. Even in 2019, many gamer still play this game as this game holds its own charm to current date.

Project Cars

In modern days, game with more realistic graphics and broad options is considered best as people like freedom of control and more real-life cases. This game was made also for PC so number of users playing this game is enormous. Project Cars was appreciated by gamer who prefer driver career mode as it gives more options unlocked by career mode development. This game has given option of 74 cars that can be modified and upgraded. Another plus on this game is weather conditions addition that makes the track conditions totally unpredictable. The beautiful graphics and dynamic career options make this game a big hit.

Dirt Rally

When it comes to realistic graphics and best game options in racing, no game can beat Dirt Rally. This game with good graphics provides real life motion phenomenon like speeding, braking and turning with laws of physics keeping in record at the time of game development. The game has option of cars starting from 1960’s to current date latest cars with full features. This game provides rally experience in harsh environment and one can simply not master the game without giving hours on game. F1 Series, Race Driver, Grid and MotoGP are successful series by this unit. Players and critics appreciate the game and always love the updates and changes made on it.

Are you also a fan of racing games? Which game is your all-time favorite? tell us in the comments section below. If you’re a fan of first-person shooting games. Checkout the latest update of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 including the additional features.

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