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Total War: Pharaoh – How to Get Resources


Total War Pharaoh is the most recent installment in the popular strategy game series Total War. How much territory you can extend for your selected leader depends mostly on the Resources. In Total War: PHARAOH, gathering resources is crucial as not every faction’s commander initially has an abundance of them. This entails building various outposts and shrines, enlisting soldiers, keeping the populous content, and more. By reading this post, you will discover how to acquire resources in Total War Pharaoh:

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All Resources in Total War: Pharaoh

In the game, you need resources to construct and maintain your army, people, and settlements. In Total War, there are five primary categories of resources: PHARAOH.

  • Stone
  • Food
  • Wood
  • Bronze
  • Gold

The quantity of these resources will vary throughout different regions. While some locations may be devoid of certain commodities entirely, they may be abundant in others.

How to Get Resources

Resources can be obtained in several ways, but as you advance and build up your empire in the Kingdom of Egypt, you can investigate those choices later in the game. The customary and fundamental approach is to subjugate the adjacent villages to obtain resources. Acquiring new lands or colonies is a rapid, but frequently difficult, means of gaining additional resources.

Unlocking Royal Decrees

In Total War Pharaoh, Royal Decrees serve as your tech tree. There are numerous decrees that can grant resource boosts, even though there isn’t much to unlock. Your decrees focused on the economy are represented by turquoise squares.

Total War: Pharaoh - How to Get Resources

Conquering settlements

It should go without saying, but capturing more territory is a quick, if not necessarily simple, way to obtain extra resources. Any large settlement’s name will have one of the four resource emblems next to it. This reveals the resource that location is focused on. Consider annexing surrounding allies into your holdings if you’re having trouble with a certain resource, then use their plenty to make up for your own weaknesses.

Raid or loot settlements or outposts

Raiding your enemy is a smart tactic to use if you need a rapid increase in resources. When you attack undefended outposts, you can choose to “sack” them, inflicting damage on their structures while taking some cash, food, stone, and bronze with you.

Total War: Pharaoh - How to Get Resources

Likewise, you can use this strategy to take on larger settlements. But exercise caution—stealing from these settlements can result in diplomatic and/or happy consequences—and consider your choices before moving forward, particularly if you still intend to take the location.

Trading with other leaders

Trading is one of the finest strategies for dealing with resource constraints. If plundering and conquest are out of the question, consider fostering cordial ties with other leaders. Trades for various resources can be made with other players as one-time deals for large amounts of money or as recurring arrangements that exchange resource amounts for several turns.

Total War: Pharaoh - How to Get Resources

Make sure you find out which materials they consider valuable and irrelevant. An outline of the resource priorities of other leaders can be found at the bottom right of the trade negotiation screen. The resources they currently esteem little and have in large quantities will be color-coded red with a cross next to it. Resources that are more valuable to them but are in short supply will be marked with a tick and coloured green. This strategy can help you get the most out of your trade agreements.


What are the victory points in total war Pharaoh?

In Total War, Pharaoh receives victory points not only for conquering new territory but also for building notable structures, assuming governmental authority, and accomplishing other goals.

How do you become a pharaoh in total war?

Winning a Civil War is the only path to becoming the Great King or Pharaoh. A Civil War can be initiated by any character whose Legitimacy is comparable to that of the ruling class; additionally, a Civil War will automatically break out if the ruling class is decimated.

How many players is Total War: PHARAOH?

There are two-player cooperative and head-to-head modes in Total War: PHARAOH.

How do I acquire more food resources in Total War: Pharaoh?

You can acquire food resources by building farms on fertile land, constructing granaries to store excess food, and establishing trade routes with neighboring regions for food imports. Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet for your population and managing food production efficiency are essential for sustainable food resource management.