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How to Call Someone Who Has Blocked You


Are you frustrated because someone has blocked your number and you need to reach out to them? Don’t worry, this article will provide you with various methods to help you make contact. Before we get into the strategies, it’s important to consider factors such as the impact of the call, waiting as an option, and the other person’s likely reaction.

We’ll also discuss alternatives to direct communication and introduce you to a potential solution called Burner. Let’s find the best approach for your situation.

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Use a Different Phone

If you want to reach someone who’s blocked you, consider using a different phone number to call them. By dialling the person who blocked you from another number, you may have a higher chance of getting through. Another option is to ask a mutual friend to contact the recipient and request them to unblock you. If that’s not possible, you can reach out to the person’s family members and ask them to relay your message.

These methods provide alternative ways to establish communication when your original contact has been blocked. Remember always to respect the other person’s boundaries and privacy. Only use these methods in emergencies or when it’s necessary to reach out to someone who’s mistakenly blocked you.

Hide your caller ID before you call.

Are you wondering how to hide your caller ID before you call, and what are the benefits of doing so? Hiding your caller ID can help mask your identity and prevent the recipient from recognizing your number. When your caller ID is hidden, your number will be displayed as ‘No caller ID.’ This can increase the chances of being unblocked, as the recipient may not immediately notice your number and may be more likely to answer.

The process to hide your caller ID may differ depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone. Additionally, removing your details from apps like TrueCaller can prevent your name from appearing when calling.

Disguise Your Caller ID

To increase your chances of being unblocked, consider disguising your caller ID by using a different number or downloading a third-party app. Using a different number to call someone who’s blocked you can be an effective method. Dial the person who’s blocked you from another number or ask a mutual friend to contact them and request to be unblocked.

Another option is to download a third-party app like TextMe or Phoner, which allows you to generate a random number and call without being traced. These apps provide a randomly generated area code, preventing suspicion from the recipient.

Change Your Phone Number

You can consider changing your phone number if you want to avoid contact with someone who’s blocked you completely. Changing your phone number provides a fresh start and ensures that the person who blocked you will no longer have access to reach you.

It can be a drastic step, but it guarantees that you’ll have no further contact with them. Changing your phone number can also provide peace of mind and protect your privacy. Make sure to inform your contacts about the number change to avoid any confusion. Remember, this option should be considered carefully and used as a last resort when all other methods of communication have failed.

Dial *67

Do you know how effective dialling *67 is in masking your phone number when calling someone who’s blocked you?

Using 67 before the recipient’s number can hide your phone number and show up as a private or unknown number on their end. This method is useful when you want to bypass the blocking of calls. It works in the United States, and the format is 67 followed by the recipient’s number, for example, *67-0999999999.

However, it’s important to remember that repeatedly calling someone who’s blocked your number could be viewed as harassing and may cause legal problems. It’s crucial to respect the privacy of the person who’s blocked you and consider their boundaries. Use this method only in emergencies or when you need to reach out to someone who’s mistakenly blocked you. Always speak with respect and consider someone else’s boundaries.

You can leave a voicemail.

Leave a voicemail to express your thoughts and emotions without the need for an immediate response. When someone has blocked you, it can be frustrating not being able to communicate directly. However, leaving a voicemail allows you to express yourself without the pressure of an immediate reply. Begin by introducing yourself and stating the purpose of your call. Speak clearly and concisely, sharing your thoughts and emotions honestly.

Avoid any negative or confrontational language, as the purpose is to express yourself respectfully. Remember that the person may choose to listen to your voicemail at their convenience, so be patient and understanding. Use this opportunity to communicate your feelings and thoughts without the need for immediate interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Call Someone Who Has Blocked You?

It is important to consider the legal implications of calling someone who has blocked you. Harassing someone can lead to legal problems. Always respect their boundaries and privacy.

Can the Person I’m Calling Trace My Number Even if I Hide My Caller Id?

Yes, the person you’re calling can trace your number even if you hide your caller ID. It’s important to remember that hiding your ID doesn’t guarantee complete anonymity.

Is There a Way to Change My Phone Number Temporarily to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Me?

Yes, there is a way to change your phone number temporarily to call someone who has blocked you. You can use third-party apps like TextMe or Phoner to generate a random number and make the call.

What Happens if I Dial *67 Before the Blocked Person’s Number?

Dialling *67 before the blocked person’s number hides your phone number. It shows up as a private or unknown number to the recipient. This can be useful if you want to bypass call blocking.

Can I Leave a Voicemail for Someone Who Has Blocked My Number?

No, you cannot leave a voicemail for someone who has blocked your number. When you call a blocked number, it will either ring once and go to voicemail, or you will hear an automated response stating that the subscriber is unavailable.


In conclusion, while it can be frustrating to try and contact someone who’s blocked your number, there are several alternatives and methods to consider. Using a different phone, hiding your caller ID, disguising your caller ID, changing your phone number, and dialling *67 are all options to explore. Additionally, leaving a voicemail may also be a possibility.