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Truth Revealed: Did Odetari Buy Half of Roblox


Door to dusk project roblox noob take over

Odetari is an American singer, who’s real name is Taha Othman Ahmad that seems to be an arabic guy. Many Roblox players have said that they like his song but they won’t like if he has actually purchased shares. Also, even if he purchases 50% of stocks of Roblox, still he can not become owner of Roblox corp. so don’t worry you can still play Roblox the way you like it and you don’t have to move to another game.

Truth About Odetari Buying Half of Roblox

In the given video it seems that video is just edited version of a news and there is no reality about it. Also the Roblox stocks current price is $40.67 which is 1.60% down as compared to last 6 months. Usually when there is purchase of any company’s shares at such big level stock prices skyrocket.

In a live stream that is being conducted on Youtube today. As of 5 december 2023, 10.30 EST door to dusk Project Roblox Takeover. All Odetari has been doing is just playing his game and live streaming it to his fans.

Anyhow in Mega Noob Takeover event during Door to dusk release party he is going to give away some Roblox skins.

The truth is he has not purchased 50% of stocks and there is no news in the market. It can be possible that he is planning to purchase stocks and has not purchased yet.