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Underrated Netflix TV Shows and Movies


Netflix is one of the world’s most popular online streaming services. It brings access to thousands of TV shows and movies. Also, Netflix is a successful content making company that created tons of extremely popular films and TV shows.

Nevertheless, worth noting that not all Netflix products become successful. Some of them are quite controversial and didn’t become popular. You will find the most underrated Netflix TV shows and movies that are not trendy but still worth watching in the post below.

The Half of It

It is a complicated story about the life of teenagers in a small town where nothing interesting happens. The lead actress, Ellie Chu, is an outstanding student who has no friends in her school. However, she has a side hustle. Ellie is a local paper helper who creates stunning essays.

One day she decides to help a guy write a love letter and date a girl he likes. However, talking about love, everything isn’t simple and straightforward. Check out this film and watch the engaging story about relationships, dreams, and self-fulfillment of teenagers.

The End of the F****ing World

This TV show is about two adolescents who can hardly be called ordinary. James is a 17-years old teenager who is convinced that he is a psychopath. He likes doing crazy things to feel something extraordinary. He has no friends.

However, he likes going to school because it’s a great place for observing other people. Also, he meets Alyssa there. She is an impulsive girl who can’t leave without adventures. She persuades James to join her crazy journey.


Horror is one of the most popular genres these days. If you’re one of those who like watching blood-curdling scenes, check out Dracula from Netflix. This TV show will tease your nerves by telling the ancient monster’s story and peoples’ lives around his castle.

The show is full of terrifying scenes of vampire’s crimes. In case you’re a student who doesn’t have spare time to watch the confrontation between the world’s famous vampire and the locals, delegate your assignments.

Reach one of the best academic paper help companies and ask skilled writers to create an outstanding essay for you. It will not only free your agenda but deliver a top-grade paper upon a deadline.


Did you ever want to connect with other people telepathically? Well, at least eight people in the show can do it. Others can only watch this underrated TV show.

Sense8 tells a unique story of eight people who can communicate with each other telepathically. However, they can do much more than sending messages over long distances. They can assess each other’s minds, knowledge, skills, and feelings.


Unfortunately, this gift brings a lot of problems, so they have to fight not to get captured. It’s a very interesting TV show about individuals with a unified consciousness that significantly increases their power and knowledge.

Sex Education

This one is a fun TV show about an unobvious side hustle of a school student, Otis. His mom is a sex therapist so that he knows a lot about sex. Once, he meets a girl who offers him a marvelous idea. She persuades Otis to become a sex therapist in school and earn money for consultations. He does pretty well and starts diving into the world of sexual problems of teenagers extremely fast.

Our Planet

It is a mind-blowing documentary from Netflix that will drive you to make a self-journey and change your attitude to environmental problems. It consists of episodes about different areas on our planet. It will bring you on an incredible journey from frozen edges of the world to the regions recovered after environmental disasters. You’ll also be able to explore the oceans, deserts, and forests through a screen.

Tell Me Who I Am

This show presents a fascinating story about a twin who was betrayed by the other one. Alex lost his memory because of a car accident. However, his brother, Marcus, helped him recover all his memories about his happy life that was stopped by the car accident. However, Marcus didn’t tell that everything he said was fiction.

Marcus was lying for twenty years. After revealing the truth, Alex has the only question in his mind, “Who I am?”. In case you’re a student who wants to discover the truth along with Alex but has a lot of homework, order assignments at SpeedyPaper. It is an essay writing platform that helps undergraduates get their homework done with no hassle. A Speedy Paper discount code will help save money, getting help with homework online.

Final Shot

The selection above is a treasure for people who want to explore some new shows that didn’t appear in the top-movies picks. Don’t forget to bookmark this page not to lose the list of underrated TV shows and movies from Netflix.

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