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Viewfinder: How to Complete the Nope Bridge Achievement


SOS Games’ newest puzzler is called Viewfinder. In this innovative and difficult indie puzzle game, players utilize photos to alter reality, stepping inside paintings and other works of art and changing the scene around them to solve puzzles. There are 46 trophies to earn in this independent game across Steam and PS5, and they’re not all easy to get. Learn the ins and outs of earning the Nope Bridge trophy in Viewfinder with the help of this guide!

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How to Break the Rope Bridge

Getting to the phone-equipped platform is the next step in dismantling the rope bridge. The player has two options: either take a picture of the platform and move it closer, or construct a bridge to the platform.

Viewfinder: How to Complete the Nope Bridge Achievement

Once the stepping stone gets in striking distance, the players will likely observe the living area perched atop the phone room. Players can find a couch and a television if they make the ascent to that room. Cartoon cacti, sand dunes, and a rope bridge over a gorge are depicted in the drawing atop the television.

Viewfinder: How to Complete the Nope Bridge Achievement

Viewfinder, which is a lot like Superliminal, is an interactive photo game in which the player must decide where to position the image in order to manipulate it. Put it where you want it, then take another picture and put it on top of the first one, severing the rope bridge where the two pictures meet.

Viewfinder: How to Complete the Nope Bridge Achievement

The Nope Bridge accomplishment in the indie game Viewfinder will be unlocked once the bridge is destroyed.

What Stage Is the Nope Bridge Found?

Players need to have completed Chapter 3 of Viewfinder in order to unlock the Nope Bridge accomplishment in this puzzle platformer. To progress to the next level, players must complete the first teleporter. You’ll need to make your way to the second half of Level 2 to accomplish this goal.

Viewfinder: How to Complete the Nope Bridge Achievement

There are three platforms in total on Level 2.2: the L-shaped one, the unattached floating one with the teleporter on it, and the one behind the initial position. Jessie, an artificially intelligent sidekick, is utilizing this phone to make contact with our protagonist.


How did they make Viewfinder game?

The gameplay revolves around projecting two-dimensional artworks, such as photographs, into the game’s three-dimensional universe to produce novel geometries and patterns.

Is Viewfinder game worth it?

Viewfinder is a puzzle game that everyone, from novices to veterans, should add to their “must play” list for the year. Though its sci-fi tale strives to find meaning in its mind-bending photo hook, Viewfinder is nevertheless a brilliant puzzle game that impresses at every turn.

Does Viewfinder have a story?

Viewfinder tells a tale that has been told many times before—humanity’s desperate quest to save a dying planet—but does so in its own unique way.

How long is viewfinder game?

Viewfinder is roughly 3 and a half hours long when you skip around and only focus on the important points. If you’re the type of gamer that likes to see everything, you can expect to put in about 6 hours to reach 100% completion.