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Dave The Diver: How to Defeat the Goblin Shark


If you play Dave the Diver far enough, you will eventually have to fight a variety of terrifying underwater monsters. The ruthless harpoon of Dave the Divers captures building-sized Clione, giant squid, and enormous hermit crabs. With the Goblin shark, Dave the Diver keeps up his unrelenting murder of the deep. You will learn how to battle the Goblin Shark in Dave the Diver by reading this article:

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How to Defeat the Goblin Shark

Before finding the Goblin Shark combat, you must first accept the mission from the sea people’s youngsters. They will ask you to locate a buddy of theirs who they believe went to the submerged lake. Head up and straight out of the depths and depart from the Sea Peoples kingdom. The location’s first signpost will shortly be visible. Because there is a shark and electric jellyfish all around it, it is quite obvious.

Dave The Diver: How to Defeat the Goblin Shark

You can choose to ignore them or engage in combat. Proceed to the area of the submerged lake. When you arrive at your location, the youngster who is confined and the ugly-looking shark will greet you. It’s battletime now. Before you battle the Goblin Shark in Dave the Diver, make sure you are well-armed and have a full tank of air.

Goblin Shark Attack Pattern

Although the Goblin Shark doesn’t have many advantages, it is swift and unrelenting.

  • Bite –  Becoming too near will turn you into fish meal. This only happens when you allow the Goblin Shark to approach Dave the Diver too closely, and it costs a lot of health.
  • Dash – Dave the Diver may benefit from this in fact. The Goblin Shark will lunge for you, attempting to bite. If you are discovered, though, you have to play the accuracy minigame, where you have to aim your mouse precisely and launch an attack. Thus, this is an excellent technique to cause harm quickly.

How to Catch 3-Star Sharks

With the use of a Salvage Drone, players can capture sharks once they have been tranquilized. For those who are unaware, this apparatus may bring enormous, suppressed fish in Dave the Diver to the surface and is unlocked during the sporadic Tuna Party event that takes place as players go through the narrative. The highest amount of meat will be awarded to those three-star beasts that are captured.


Can you tranquilize sharks Dave the Diver?

More aggressive marine life, such as sharks, appears during night dives. To subdue sharks, players need either the Tranquilizer Rifle or a modified hush dart.

Where is the shark in Dave the Diver?

To discover the Whitetip Reef Shark, you’ll need to the rightmost area of the Giant Blue Hole, however you might or might not have to go too deep to find him (remember: the Blue Hole changes every time). The shark may be formidable in size, but his only strike is a charge that may be easily avoided by swimming below or above.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

The Red Sniper Rifle is the best option available from a purely statistical standpoint. This monster has the longest range of any weapon at 20 yards and the most rounds per magazine at three. Due to its intended use by a sniper, this weapon is extremely precise, and the inclusion of a laser sight makes aiming a breeze.

What does auto supply do in Dave the Diver?

If you choose Auto Supply, you won’t have to worry about running out of an ingredient for a particular recipe, since it will pull more of it from your supply when it runs low.

How do you get cookie cutter shark Dave the Diver?

After ensuring that your gear can endure the intense pressure of the ocean, you can descend into The Blue Hole. The Cookiecutter Shark will appear whether you perform this during the day or at night.