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What are the Best Places to See in Greece


Greece, a country with countless blessings! Greece is a country that has a gift from God with impressive natural beauty.  It is among the top travel destinations in Europe. With the mesmerizing beaches, villages with pleasant weather, and the most delicious cuisine, Greece cannot be missed by the travel freaks. The tourists who are ready to travel to Greece should have an idea of the best places to see in Greece. Don’t waste your time and give a read to this content, if you really want to know about Greece and its best tourists spots. 

Top best places to see in Greece

Now, coming toward the best places to see in Greece, which is our topic of the discussion:

  • Crete

Crete is one of the islands that make up the entire of Greece. Many islands combine and give rise to Greece. It is one of the populated regions of Greece. It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the largest city of Crete is Heraklion. To your astonishment, Crete has a history of being the first-ever civilized region in Europe. 

Crete is mainly covered in mountains. Famous ones are

  • Mount Ida 
  • The White Mountains

The tourists are entertained with folk music and poetry. It has a rich culture and not only is it beautiful but the people are very warm welcoming. They have hospitable attitudes towards visitors from around the world. For a decade or maybe two, Crete has risen in the tourism sector of Greece. Many hotels have been constructed for providing a luxurious lifestyle to tourists. 

The main adventure spots for tourists are the historical sites of Minoan civilization, the Venetian castle, the gorge of Samaria, and Palm Beach. Palm Beach is the most famous and largest palm forest on the entire continent. Furthermore, Crete also has other famous places like Spinalonga, Gramvousa, and Chrysi. There are a couple of famous museums in Crete which are among the best tourists attractions.   

The climate of Crete and especially all of Greece is just perfect for a long vacation. The winters are mild and summers are hot and warm. Some regions, like the mountainous areas, also face heavy snowfalls in the winter. 

  • Athens

The capital city of Greece and also known as the “Heart of Greece”. Talking about its historic aspects, it is the oldest city in not only Greece but the whole of Europe. You can still visit the ancient building and landmarks after millions of years. It is named after the Greek goddess, Athena. Moreover, Athena stands for wisdom and warfare, so according to the beliefs of the Greeks, Athens is the place of warfare. For sure it was one of the powerful centers in wars. You would have watched movies based on Athens and Sparta. Moreover, these movies feature the importance of Athens in ancient Greece. Athens is the birthplace of modern democracy. 

The artworks, statues, and monuments are evidence of the rich history of Athens. Athens is also an epicenter of archeology-based researches. The popular Parthenon Acropolis is also part of Athens. Parthenon is an amazing historic monument and a perfect place for exploration. Also, this is the best place for history and archeology lovers. Athens gives you a clear image of Classical Greece. 

Athens is included in the best places to see in Greece because of all the valid reasons. Visiting it would be worth it. 

  • Mykonos  

The lively island in Greece and part of the Cyclades. Mykonos is the largest town on this island. It is situated on the west side of Greece, on the coast. It is the same island, you come across in most of the wallpapers and video songs. The icy blue water and soft, warm sand under your feet, this is the real image of Mykonos Island. Furthermore, the sea surrounding it is the Aegean Sea. This island is considered the party island all because of the high number of foreign visitors it accommodates. 

Stunning beaches with white-colored buildings near to the coastline, and beautiful congested streets, are all reasons that make Mykonos one of the best places to see in Greece. The sunset of these beaches is even more breathtaking. 

The climate of Mykonos is a bit hot because of low rainfalls. Moreover, the cool breeze from the seaside makes even the hot summers to be pleasant. It is one of the main attractions throughout Greece. 

The cuisine of Mykonos is exceptional. Famous delicacies of Mykonos are Omeletta and Kopanisti Mykonou (a type of cheese). Some of the popular desserts are Baklava Mykonos, Melopita, and Lazarakia. Various nightclubs serve the tourists and one point to remember is that everything is quite expensive. 

  • Santorini Island

Island rich in Greek heritage and an important historic place. It is also a member of the Cyclades group. It is situated in the Aegean Sea. White-washed buildings, the blue ocean view, and romantic sunsets are the reasons Santorini Island can never be ignored by tourists around the world. There are many hills and cliffs, the view even gets better when you see tiny painted cottages on the cliffs.  

It also has some of the most active volcanoes. The Volcanic Arc is the region of volcanoes that erupted millions of years back. Also, the land under this island may have volcanic rock because the villages are made over the solidified lava. We also have other volcanic zones as Kos, Methana, and Milos. Due to the reason of volcanism, the island has some places where the seawater is of a different color. For example, the Red Beach, Black Beach, and White Beach are evidence of the volcanic activity in Santorini Island.  

Luxurious hotels are made for visitors with all the facilities provided there. Moreover, this captivating island is capable of attracting a huge number of tourists. Popular tourists’ spots are 

  • Village of Oia
  • Ancient Thera
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Ypapanti
  • Viglio (small watchtowers along the coast)
  • Goulas (4 tours around the island which are rectangular)
  • Delphi

The sacred region of ancient Greek. The town of Delphi is located in Phocis, Greece. It is famous for its archeological importance throughout the world. Since 1938, Delphi and its archeological sites have been included in the National Park of Parnassos. This place has many ruins of the old civilization and it stands out as a major symbol of Greek history. The mountains or the hills, anything related to Delphi has an image of the history of Greece. 

The Phaedriades are mountains having evidence of the Greek Civilization. Furthermore, they have the sacred sits of Delphi. This narrow valley is of very huge importance to the followers of the Greek religion. 

  • Rhodes

The most attractive place and the best place to see in Greece. Rhodes city is filled with resorts for travelers to reside. It is blessed with spectacular natural beauty and an innate attraction. This city is included in the seven wonders of ancient Greece, especially a tourist spot called Colossus of Rhodes. Also, it consists of Acropolis, palaces, forts, and popular harbors. It was an important center in the Roman Period, the Byzantine period, and even the Knights’ period. 

During the past time, Greece and many other countries were under the rule of Islam. Many famous Islamic conquerors, for example, the Ottoman Empire, had their reign in these places. You can come across the Islamic remains as well such as mosques and graveyards.  

Famous spots for tourists are:

  • Lindos
  • St Paul’s Beaches 
  • Agathi Beach
  • Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent 
  • Grand Master’s Palace 
  • Acropolis of Rhodes

Lindos is famous for its greenish, emerald-colored water all around. The streets are covered in cobblestone. The shops are amazingly built that remind of old boutiques. The restaurants are made on a bit height so that people can enjoy the food while having a view of the beach as well. And yes, we can never ignore the nighttime, the city seems to be made of different colored lights. Like a fairy tale and these lovely lights can grab anyone’s attention.

It is more considered as a village but it has a far more vital part in the tourism of Greece. If you ever have a chance to visit the beautiful city of Rhodes, don’t forget to visit all these unique places.  

  • Mount Olympus National Park

The most famous mountain range of Greece, Mount Olympus. Known for its height and beauty, it stands as a landmark in Greece. For sure, it should be included in the best places to see in Greece. 

The mountain’s height is about 9573 feet. On the mountain, there are alpine forests, rock peaks, and gorges. These gorges are quite intense with so much high pressure. You would have an idea about the Greek Gods, according to the mythology of the Greek people. The belief in these Gods and Mount Olympus is considered the main center where 12 of their Gods live. 

The mountains and their greenery is home to millions of plants, animals, and insect species. These factors attract hundreds of tourists every year. Hotel accommodation is available at this place. You can get every facility in the famous village of Litochoro. It is the main and well-known village in the region. 

In case, you want to have some adventure, the mount climbing team is there for you. There are special routes here for climbing trails where you can also have guidelines from the experts. Also, the hiking and trekking teams are as cooperative as ever. 

In the cuisine, there are some must-try recipes served with red or white wine. 

  • Meteora Kalabaka

Another wonder of Greece, this can be the spot you are looking for. It is a rock-based area where the mountain is so beautifully made that it surprises the people. The small houses and not only that but the whole town is over the mountain. It is located in Central Greece. There are many monasteries over it and this mountain has a height of 1300 feet. You can see the River Pindus and River Pineios near the beautiful mountain. These blessings make it inclusive in the list of best places to see in Greece. 

It is the rock formation that has its place in the main tourism sector of Greece. The region where Meteora is called Thessaly. The pillars in this region are formed due to the weathering reason that occurs in that place, with the river’s pressure and flow. 

This place has been featured in many movies and video games, such as Call of Duty, Games of Thrones, and Pokémon.  

  • Kefalonia Island

A beautiful island that got famous from its mentioning a popular book. Also, it is the best holiday spot. The sparkling water and sunny beaches add a double factor to its natural beauty. It also has cliffs and mountains as we know that Greece has 80% of mountains. Kefalonia is also called Cephalonia. It has the Ionian Sea to its sides. There are grounds which have football as their games. Some famous churches, caves, and ports also exist in Kefalonia. Furthermore, there is also a hotel called The White Hotel which has facilities for the tourists. 

In the cuisine, the famous Greek salad called Pissara has types of healthy vegetables. These are farm-grown vegetables with lots of vitamins and minerals.  

  • Peloponnese 

The photogenic landscape of Peloponnese is one of the best places to see in Greece. The mystras is the popular point in Peloponnese. It is the mountainous range with the name Mystras and it is near Sparta. 

The churches and forts are splendid places in Greece. Visitors must visit it if they like natural beauty and want to get inspiration from Greek beauty. 

  • Mani Peninsula

The area is also on the coastline. It is for those people who love road trips. The road passes alongside the sea view which can give you the best feeling and grant you inner peace. This view can cherish not only your body but also your soul. Furthermore, there are many fishing spots where you can get fresh seafood and fish.                  

  • Nafplio 

This country is in the countryside of Greece. It has two places that are old and new sections. The old one is more impressive than the new one. Moreover, it has all the old architecture and statues of the Greek Civilization. The castle above the mountain can give a view of both sections. The old city of Nafplio is not that advanced as the new one, but the coolness of the old one is much more than a new one. 

Where is Greece located?

Greece is one of the popular countries in Europe. It is in Southeastern Europe. Its neighboring countries are; Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and North Macedonia. It has the Aegean Sea to its east and the Ionian Sea to its west. The Mediterranean Sea and Cretan Sea are located to the south of Greece. The famous coastline along the sea is the world’s 11th longest one. 

Culture, People, and Language of Greece:

The culture of Greece is based on Greek Civilization, which plays an important part in world history. The people of Greece include native and foreign settlers from different parts of the world. Greek is the national language. People in Greece mainly follow Christianity, Greek Orthodox, and Islam (only about 2% of the inhabitants). The Greeks are very strict regarding their cultures and traditions.  The Greek culture got some of its inspiration from the British Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the Roman Empire. Although Greek history is far elder, the settlers in Greece belong to different origins.  

History of Greece:

Well, all of us would have studied about the Greek Civilization in primary classes. It is one of the oldest and famous civilizations of all time. The Greek Civilization is famous as the start of the main phase of life. The enlightened attributes it brought to the world, are more than anything. People started to think and research different things or phenomena. The subjects we study today got originated; philosophy, democracy, literature, physics, biology, medicine, mathematics, political science, geometry, and logic. The Greek Civilization was the start of a new era of life. It changed the world upside down. Its capital, Athens, is famous as the oldest city in the whole world. You can find many remains of the remarkable Greek Civilization around the country. 

What is Greece Famous for?

Greece has beautiful mountains, green mainlands, stunning landscapes, and sunny beaches. These reasons make the best places to see in Greece, worth going to once in life.

  • Mountains:

About 80% of the country’s land is occupied by mountains and hills. Some of the famous mountains are Mount Olympus, Dinaric Alps, and Pindus Mountain Range. Mount Olympus has an important mythical background in Greek history.

  • Islands:

When you look at the map of Greece, you will see scattered islands that make the whole of Greece. This country has around 1200 to 6000 islands. Among these, the largest island is Crete. 

  • Historic Sites and Art: 

You can encounter historic sites in almost half of Greece. Every place has a story that witnesses the Greek Civilization’s existence. Thousands of years have passed, but these remains are preserved for tourists and local visitors. The classical artworks that are still present in Greece, hold a vital position in tourism. Also, it is thought that architecture got birth from the Greek Civilization. Well, that can be kind of true, as the architectural sculptures found in Greek museums are a must-see for architects. 

  • Forests:

The forests of Greece have a lot of popularity. According to the Integrity Index of Forests, Greek forests rates are 6.6 / 10 because of their natural beauty and preservation. Greek government takes measures to protect the forests and their wildlife. It is a habitat for hundreds of different animals.