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What Does Marvelous Mood do in Bloxburg


What Does Marvelous Mood do in Bloxburg

Marvelous Mood has cost of 180 robux but it really worth spending this amount. If there is something that can change the mood, that would be Marvelous Mood. By using Marvelous Mood gamepass you can now prolong the duration of positive moods and also you can decrease the duration of negative moods. Other than that now you can also turn off the negative mood particles and animations as well.

You can use this game pass to prolong the duration of your mood whatever you like while maintaining the mood. You can turn off the negative mood if you are going to roleplay this gamepass also makes you boost moods faster.

It stops you from walking slower. In the game pass description, it also says it affects the animations.

When and Why You don’t need to buy Marvelous Mood in bloxburg?

You don’t need to buy Marvelous Mood in bloxburg if your level is high lets say if it is 40+ because you would make a lot of money even with moods down.

Why you should marvelous mood and how does mood affects money in bloxburg

When employees are in a good mood, they are more productive. If a player’s overall mood falls below 80% on their last rank, they will still be paid the same amount as if their mood had been at 100%.

A B$25 “Boost Mood” button can be found in the Moods menu to help lift your spirits. However, the player can only select this option if their overall happiness level is below 50%.

Other Ways to Keep Your Mood Good Without Using Marvelous Mood Gamepass

If you use coffee to get your energy up its alot quicker than sleeping. And if all your moods are down just have 3 cups of coffee and then you can run again instead of walking. So if you do a job where you have to walk it would be useful and having more money is better.

  • Do cheaper builds


In player’s experience, it made getting money much easier since as moods weren’t going down as fast. It also gets rid of the annoying stink cloud and slowness. You can always turn it on too. If you have extra robux to spare, we’d say that it is worth it.