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What is Streaming TV?


Another episode of “Amazing Life Improvements,” which is brought to you by the Tech Jury, is now ready for your viewing pleasure. Streaming TV will be covered in today’s lesson. This one is for all those people who can’t get enough of the little screen. It is time to acknowledge that the (remote) control is now in your possession. YOU are the one who gets to choose what to watch and when to view it.

You are in control of the situation! Stay tuned for all of this and more in order to ensure that you will never again feel constrained, ignorant, or indoctrinated by the TV in your home.

Now, please turn off your television for a moment and let’s get this party started, shall we?

What Is Streaming TV?

Once again, greetings, and a warm welcome to this week’s edition of Amazing Life Improvements, provided to you by the Tech Jury. Getting Started with Streaming TV is Today’s Topic.

I am talking to all of you TV junkies out there, so listen up! It’s time to face the fact that you have the (remote) control in your hands. YOU have control over what you see and when you view it.

You have all of the power!

Stay tuned for all of this and more so that you never again have the experience of being constrained, dumb, or indoctrinated by your TV.

Now, silence your TV for a few moments, and let’s get this party started, shall we?

How Does Streaming TV Work?

When you connect a TV to the internet (select a current TV, not the one your grandmother had), and when the TV has the applications required to convert video material, that’s when the magic occurs. Just make sure you don’t use your grandmother’s TV. Oh, but in addition to that, you will also need a membership to a streaming service. You will soon be presented with a list of these items.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed the new remotes that come with a large button labelled “Netflix” specifically for your ease of use. That’s exactly what I’m referring about here.

You are familiar with the process of streaming, right? The programme will uncompress a video file while it is being downloaded, and then it will transform the uncompressed file into a TV visual signal.

If the speed of your network is sufficient, you will be able to watch in high definition without interruptions and enjoy the experience. Take care of it first and foremost!

However, I can tell that you are still pondering this question. That is why I will explain everything to you in sequential order.

How To Stream TV

To watch TV through streaming in an easy manner, here is what you need to do:

Make sure to check your internet speed first and ensure that it is satisfactory (see the criteria here)
Pick a streaming device—it may be a smart TV, a gaming console, a streaming stick/plug-in, and/or a box—and start watching shows and movies online.
After you have everything prepared, choose a streaming provider (most of them offer free trials; don’t pass up these opportunities!) and choose an interesting programme to watch.
Get comfy, grab some popcorn, and then press the Play button to start the show.


But wait… There is a dizzying array of online TV streaming providers available nowadays. It’s a little bit hard to understand. Which one should I choose then?!

Streaming Options

Let’s take a look at the several popular streaming alternatives and determine which one would work best for you.

Streaming may be broken down into a few different categories. We will begin with them first.

On-demand Streaming

This is by far the most common choice among alternatives to cable. On-demand video services typically cost about $10 per month and provide users access to both their own material and content that has been licenced to them. They are also responsible for the production of a number of fan-favorite and award-winning television series. The most apparent example is HBO’s Game of Thrones – and we’re still talking about it after it finished.

The following are the services that are most sought after and the most notable aspects of each service:

  • Netflix – best library
  • Amazon Prime Video – best perks
  • Hulu – best for Network shows
  • HBO NOW – best for original shows
  • The Criterion Channel – best for classic movies

These are the most effective methods for cutting the chord, which are chosen by an increasing number of individuals on a daily basis. Find out what these and other providers of streaming TV can offer you, and then choose your preferred option.

Live TV Streaming

If you want more options, here are the greatest live TV streaming services and their top features as well. Prices range from $16 to $50 depending on how much material you want to access.

  • Hulu + Live TV – best channel lineup
  • PlayStation Vue – best for sports
  • fubo TV – most channels / best for soccer
  • YouTube TV – best user experience
  • DIRECTV NOW – best for HBO
  • Pluto TV – best free TV streaming
  • AT&T WatchTV – best skinny bundle
  • Sling TV – sports / best on a budget
  • Disney Plus – best for the younger audience

These are now the most widely used providers of internet TV. There is a good chance that one or two of them will better meet your requirements than the majority of them.

Free Streaming

Additionally, there are a number of free streaming options available. Even if not all of them are ideal, why not give them a go anyway? It’s possible that you won’t believe it!

The scores fluctuate depending on whether you’re more interested in watching movies or other types of material on television. The following is a list of the 11 best free internet television streaming providers. First, let’s have a look at where they stand in terms of movies:

  • Hoopla / Tubi TV
  • Kanopy / Vudu
  • Pluto TV / IMDb Freedive / Roku Channel / Sony Crackle
  • Popcornflix / YouTube Movies
  • Yahoo View

And here is how they rank for TV – it’s not the same:

  • Pluto TV / Yahoo View
  • Hoopla / Tubi TV / IMDb Freedive / Sony Crackle / Roku Channel
  • Kanopy / Vudu / Popcornflix
  • YouTube Movies

Examine each option and make a decision based on what appeals to you the most.

Finally, let’s look at the reasons why streaming television is superior than cable television.

Cable TV vs. Stream TV

Streaming services against traditional cable. Will there be a victor?

The numbers tell the story all by themselves:

Ninety percent of young people say that watching television online is their preferred method.

Meanwhile, there has been a 28 percent annual drop in the number of people who subscribe to pay-TV services.

Are you still not persuaded?

Read on for some more mind-blowing statistics on cord-cutting.

It is no secret that an increasing number of individuals are switching to watching TV online. But what accounts for that? Is it possible that cable television may become obsolete in the near future?

Well, not exactly.

It is true that there has been an uptick in the number of people subscribing to streaming services. They provide pliability, greater freedom, and other options. Having saying that, not everyone would like using them.

If you watch a wide variety of channels, programmes, and sports on a regular basis, switching from cable to streaming may be just as costly, or perhaps more so, as keeping your cable subscription.

You may, of course, attempt to enjoy the advantages of both worlds, at least temporarily, until you determine which one is more suitable for you.

You’ll be able to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of cutting the cable here, so you can make an informed decision.

Video Guide


What is streaming TV? / What is streaming TV and how does it work? / How to stream TV?

The process of viewing television programmes through the internet is referred to as “streaming TV,” “online TV,” and “internet TV.” There is absolutely nothing that has to be downloaded in before. To watch television over the internet through streaming, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a membership with a streaming service, unless you go with a free service. And obviously, you’ll need a streaming device, such as a smart TV, a laptop, or anything else along those lines.

What is live streaming TV?

Live streaming television is a kind of television that may be seen online in real time while the programme is simultaneously being filmed and aired. For instance, is a well-liked website for live streaming of esports competitions.

How to go cable free?

If you only follow this easy advice, you won’t need cable television in no time at all! In order to watch TV without a cable subscription, you have a number of options from which to pick.

Wrapping Up

You do not need to be the person who watches the most movies in order to think about switching to streaming TV.

Choose one alternative from the list that we have provided and give it a go now that you are aware of what it is and the benefits that it offers. The vast majority provide a free demo version… or are entirely free to use.

In this day and age, we have access to a wide variety of movies, television series, and other media. It would be a waste not to make use of this opportunity. The reality is that throughout our lifetimes, we won’t be able to see all there is to see, but that won’t stop us from trying!

When you can take charge of the situation and direct your attention to the things that are most important to you, there is no need to keep watching the same channels, which only sometimes provide fresh information. Why should one accept stuff that is just average?

Make the best out of the situation!

So, tell me about your experiences with either cable TV or streaming services. Leave a comment below telling us what you think and we’ll have a look!