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What Is The Best Operating System For Gaming In 2021?


When it comes to the world of gaming, the option of the operating system to use is vital. In most instances, gamers prefer to stick to the windows operating system on their gaming PC. This may not be their fault as most gaming PCs or laptops have windows as the default operating system.

However, the modern age of gaming has seen a vast number of OS options to choose from. This includes other options aside from Windows OS. Here, I will be exploring the popular operating systems available for gaming and the one that will give you a unique gaming experience.

Let’s dive into the details.

What is Operating System? Why is it important?

In a broad sense, an Operating system is the core part of any Personal computer. It’s a software component responsible for managing your hardware, software resources, and common services for computer programs. The Operating System is what a computer user interacts with.

Furthermore, the operating system comes as a fundamental piece that allows all software to work. Without an operating system, you can’t use or play with media, data processing, and gaming softwares. Back in history, the first operating system that ever existed was the MS-DOS, which was fairly basic and not entirely user interactive.

Now we have top-notch operating systems with unique customizations, functionality, and versatility. With time, the operating systems saw an improved user experience with developers working around the clock to horn out new upgrades. You can choose any option of an operating system that suits your quality experience and ease of use.

Popular types of Operating Systems

The new tech era has a bunch of OS options for both gamers and general PC users to choose from. Many new or casual users of computers will attest that Windows is one of the most popular options available in the market today.

This owes to the fact that it is simple to use, supported on every computer, and has vast software options. However, there are other popular options like Linux OS and Mac OS for Apple computers, and I did be reviewing them below;

  1. Windows

As stated earlier, Windows is by far the most popular operating system you can ever come across. It comes with an easy to use graphic interface; any novice could wrap their head around without going through a learning curve. It started with Windows 1.0 and has seen some significant upgrades to this present period.

That’s why you will see 99% of performance gaming laptops and PCs coming with Windows OS.

Currently, the latest version is Windows 10 with subsets of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. These advanced Windows come with tons of features many other OS can’t provide. The best part: the Operating System always comes with regular upgrades churning out improved features.

It is worth noting that the new version of Windows 11 is coming out soon.

  1. Mac OS

The Mac Operating System is also another popular type with the best visuals. The only disadvantage is the fact that this OS comes pre-installed or supported on only apple products. The recent version for the macOS is known as Mojave- an updated version of OS Catalina.

Many Apple lovers speak of the OS being the best out there due to its strong security protocols and the fact that it’s water-tight to the latest virus. Choosing a mac OS is also a viable option for gaming, although it’s known to be the best for productivity tasks and work.

  1. Linux

When it comes to an operating system for gaming, Linux is probably the last name that comes to mind. However, the Linux OS is a simple operating system that does offer support to games on several platforms. This Operating System is the type that depends essentially on both the Command line and Graphic interface to run correctly.

Therefore to use Linux, you did have to go through some complex learning curves. You get the most out of it by investing time to understand all of its functions. Only tech-savvy people and open source developers find this operating system intuitive to use.

What is the best operating system for gaming?

With the popular types of operating system explained, which ones seem to be the best for gaming?

Of course, I perssonaly go for Windows because of its exclusive features. Windows allows easy customization and by far support more games than any of the two operating systems. The best part is Windows help run games in an efficient manner.

The Mac OS is also a realistic option for gaming, but it has upgradability issues. It’s also not the best for hard-core gaming. Linux doesn’t get a say in being the best operating system for gaming due to its complex learning curve. It also doesn’t offer much support for games like the other operating systems.


Here, I have provided a quick rundown of operating systems you can use for your gaming activity. I do hope with this article; you have a full grasp of what each operating system entails. As the best option, I have chosen the Windows operating system due to its ease of use, good gaming support, upgradability, and better performance with other components of your PC.

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