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What makes esports so popular


It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of such video games as Counter-Strike, Dota, or League of Legends. But what you might not know is that these are not simple games – they have become an actual sport with pro players, international championships, and million-dollar prizes. Championship finals become a huge event and millions of viewers flock from all over the world to cheer for their favorite team. Actually, there are 26.6 million monthly viewers at the moment!  So what is e-sports and why it is considered the most popular activity in 2021? Read further to find out the answer.

Esports: everything you should know

Electronic sports are organized competitions of professional gamers for prestige and financial rewards. These competitions range from local events to international games in stadiums and exhibition centers. The esports industry is worth around $1 billion and predicted stable growth in the foreseeable future.

The popularity of esports can be compared to gambling. Millions of players worldwide visit the same day withdrawal online casinos and wager on slots, table games, and different events. As an esports viewer, you can also bet on your favorite player, team, or game outcome. 

Here are five main reasons to love esports:

1. It is very social

Like football and basketball fans, e-sport lovers build strong relationships with people who cheer for the same team. They gather to discuss the news, attend events together, and start their own teams. And because such games take place online, you are not tied to the local city and can communicate with people from all over the world. It is a great opportunity for extroverts and those who are quite shy.

2. Anyone can be a star

One of the main reasons to love e-sports is that it is extremely accessible. It doesn’t require lots of money, perfect physical shape, or influential parents.

‘In e-sports everyone’s equal and when you play, it doesn’t matter where you come from, how strong or wealthy you are. You just dissolve in the process and forget about everything,’ says Grace Tennet, a content manager at NZCasinoHEX, that creates the articles dedicated to online gambling and esports betting.

Thanks to such low entry barriers, virtual gaming is a great option for those who love sports but don’t fit in because of their age, height, weight, gender, or country of origin.

3. Game diversity

While in traditional sports you can usually choose only one activity and stick to it, e-sports offers huge diversity. You have an opportunity to switch between games depending on your mood and skills. For example, some of the most popular shooters are Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, sports games – FIFA and NBA. You can also find numerous online battle arenas. There is a game literally for everyone and if you are tired of a particular title, there’s nothing difficult in switching to the next. 

4. Suits all ages

Many of you think of video games as a thing for children. However, the first e-sports tournament took place in Stamford University, and nowadays you can see more and more people aged 40+ who compete on professional levels. Thus, electronic sports has a great advantage over traditional one where it is almost impossible to start a career and continue competing if you are 30+ years old.

5. A career option

The e-sports market is already worth over a billion dollars which makes it not only interesting and diverse but rewarding as well. To earn good money, you just need to train hard and dedicate yourself to sharpening gaming skills. Top players may earn six-figure sums per single tournament and sign contracts with huge corporations for a regular income.

The future of esports

As you see, there are many reasons to love esports. And every person, not depending on background, age, skills, and preferences, can find a game to taste, make friends, and even earn impressive money. Just imagine: over 50 universities already offer esports courses and huge companies like Adidas and Coca-Cola already invest huge money into this industry. This makes esports an extremely popular pastime that will surely bypass many traditional sports types in the future. And now you also can evaluate its prospects!