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Wild Hearts – How to Get or Unlock Weapons


When Wild Hearts first starts, players will be ‘forced’ to use the default weapon, the Karakuri Katana, for a short period until they reach the Tree Base on Harugasumi Way. As you begin your trip in Wild Hearts, you only have access to the Karakuri Katana, limiting your ability to defeat Kemono using various playstyles. Don’t worry; new weaponry will stream in thick and fast from now on. This page will describe how to unlock weapons in Wild Hearts:

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How to Get or Unlock Weapons

After killing your first Kemono, the Ragetail, and activating the Field Forge at your encampment, the list of possible weapons grows to include the Nodachi, Bow, Maul, and Bladed Wagasa. At this point in the game, the forging menu contains three mystery weapons hidden beneath question marks.

Wild Hearts - How to Get or Unlock Weapons

The Field Forge is Wild Hearts’ version on the traditional blacksmith, and it is unlocked by assisting Natsune in the Giant Tree Trunk Camp during the game’s first hours. You can build a Field manufacture in most camps (if your elemental energy numbers allow) and manufacture any of these five basic weapons from here on out.

Despite what the story says, Natsune does not need to be stationed at Forge for you to create or upgrade weapons. It’s recommended forging at least one of each and testing it out on a low-level Kemono like Ragetail. Alternatively, try them on a training dummy. There’s one right outside the trunk at Giant Tree Trunk Camp on Harugasumi Way.

Wild Hearts - How to Get or Unlock Weapons

To unlock the final three weapons, you must first complete Chapter 1 of Azuma: Land of the East. The journey entails fighting a number of Kemono, traveling to Minato and then Natsukodachi Isle, and then confronting the Earthshaker. Defeating the beast and starting Chapter 2 Ancient Technology unlocks the Claw Blade, Hand Cannon, and Karakuri Staff at the Field Forges.

How to Unlock More Weapons

Soon after meeting Natsume the Blacksmith in Wild Hearts’ introduction, players can build a Field Forge in their camp, allowing them to construct and modify their weapons and armor freely. Creating a Field Forge grants players access to four new weapon types: the Kaduchi, Bow, Maul, and Bladed Wagasa.

However, the remaining three weapon slots, which include the Hand Cannon, Claw Blade, and Karakuri Staff, will remain locked. In Wild Hearts, the Hand Cannon is a basic point-and-shoot gun that can launch an arced artillery blast that summons a Ki Base to refill its ammo.

The dual Claw Blades, the game’s highest mobility weapon, are a fast-attacking airborne weapon that allows players to grab adversaries with a rope. Finally, the Karakuri Staff can change forms throughout combat, each teaching players a distinct brief combo chain.


What is the best starting weapon in Wild Hearts?

There is a reason why Wild Hearts starts you off with the Karakuri Katana. It’s an excellent all-rounder with good damage, range, and repositioning capabilities.

What is the hardest weapon to master in Wild Hearts?

The Maul is one of the most difficult weapons to master, due to its slow speed and reliance on timing-based combos. The Maul is as powerful as the Nodachi, but with the combo complexity of lighter, faster weapons like the Karakuri Katana.

Is the claw blade good in Wild Hearts?

The Claw Blade is a light, up-close weapon designed for air warfare that builds up a gauge, resulting in fast flurries on Kemono. You have a high level of agility in combat and manoeuvrability to avoid strikes, as well as the ability to perform some spectacular attacks for bonus style points.

How do you unlock dual blades in Wild Hearts?

After defeating the Earthshaker and beginning Chapter 2, “Ancient Technology,” you can construct three new weapons: the Hand Cannon, Claw Blade (Dual Blades), and Karakuri Staff.

What is the best weapon for Amaterasu in Wild Hearts?

After defeating the Earthshaker and beginning Chapter 2, “Ancient Technology,” you can construct three new weapons: the Hand Cannon, Claw Blade (Dual Blades), and Karakuri Staff.

How do you get the best talisman in Wild Hearts?

In Wild Hearts, using the Hunter’s Arm on a Kemono’s weak point increases your chances of receiving a Talisman as a prize. To use the Hunter’s Arm, jumb and grab onto the Kemono as you would a wall.