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Endless Dungeon – How to Play Co-Op


In addition to having aspects of the twin-stick shooter and tower defense genres, Endless Dungeon is a brand-new roguelike with a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Nevertheless, Endless Dungeon’s cooperative mechanism might not achieve the desired results. You’ve come to the correct guide if you’ve been attempting to figure out how to play online multiplayer with your buddies. This guide will walk you through playing cooperatively in an unending dungeon:

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How does Co-Op work in Endless Dungeon?

In Endless Dungeon, matching is absent from the cooperative mode. To play the game, you cannot matchmake with random people online. Co-op is still a crucial component of the game, although this is regrettable and may often make games tedious. Before starting the co-op mode, remember that this game has no offline multiplayer options. This game does not support couch play, thus if you wish to play multiplayer at all, you must be online.

Endless Dungeon - How to Play Co-Op

In Endless Dungeon, you must first finish the tutorial mission to play multiplayer. After that, all you have to do is select the co-op option from the Main Menu. If you wish to host the session, you must choose the “Host” option to set up a room and play with friends. You will share your progress with pals when you play together.

Endless Dungeon - How to Play Co-Op

How to Play Co-Op

Prior to a run to the core, each participant will have the opportunity to select their character. The gang will share all resources once you’re on a run, so carefully consider your approach before entering. Any player can purchase upgrades for other players, and everyone can use newly unlocked turrets by researching them.

You can save the run and pick it back up later when everyone is back online if you or your pals have to leave at any point. Replacing a player does not need using the same player you started the run with; the method is the same as hosting the game.


How many people can play Endless Dungeon?

You can ride alone into the horrors of the Station, or you can band together with three other people and take on the challenge. When you’re ready, head inside the Station to complete a task for a character, try your hand at escape, or just go crazy on the locals. Trying will probably end in your death, but that’s just how things work in this intergalactic dungeon!

Does Endless Dungeon have local co op?

There are just two clear problems with Endless Dungeon. The first is that local cooperative gaming is not supported. With faster internet and more digital devices per home, that once-popular feature of video games has been less and less common in recent years.

What is the party size in Endless Dungeon?

A team can have no more than four heroes on it. Doors can be unlocked with the help of heroes, which is equivalent to a turn. Monsters come from unpowered rooms and events are triggered by each door that is unlocked.

Who is the fastest character in Dungeon of the Endless?

Sara is an excellent scout and the best crystal runner there is, without a doubt. She is the fastest hero in the game by far, and the only one to get speed boosts at every stage. Without any gear, she can reach level 15 at 60 mph. Sara’s whole outfit is designed to help her move fast and get where she needs to be.

Who is the best hero in Endless Dungeon?

Since Comrade has everything you need to win the game, he easily wins the title of best hero in Endless Dungeon. You can position your own turrets (up to three with chips) anywhere with his Skill.