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Wild West Dynasty – How to Build the Workshop


Wild West Dynasty is mostly a survival-crafting game. You can establish a territory of your own and begin construction while surviving in the hostile surroundings. You will need to construct the workshop in order to finish one of the main chapters in Wild West Dynasty. You can build several furniture items in it, but it requires a lot of tech points to access. You can learn how to construct a workshop in the Wild West dynasty by reading this article:

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How to Build the Workshop

Now that you have a hammer let’s start creating your first structure. Pressing ‘B’ while holding the hammer is the first step. This will enable you to browse to ‘Floor’ and then ‘City’ on the building menu. You will initially have the choice to set only one-floor option, which is the 5×6 size.

Wild West Dynasty - How to Build the Workshop

A transparent green floor will show up when the floor is selected; you can rotate and move it to whatever location you choose. Once you’ve located a location you like, click to set it. After it’s in place, strike it with your hammer by looking down. By doing this, a frame will be constructed. At this point, you can go up to every wall segment and use your hammer to add materials.

Wild West Dynasty - How to Build the Workshop

You can hit ‘B’ once more while facing a certain area of the wall. A circle menu containing materials and style will appear as a result. Since a building must have a minimum of one door, choose ‘Wood’ and then the door choice while keeping an eye on the area of the wall where the door should be located. Strike the roof with your hammer to complete your construction. The hammer strike will count toward the roof completion even though you are unable to reach it.

In Wild West Dynasty, you’ll need six tech points to activate the workshop. The workshop is located in the far-right node on the screen if you go to the Manager’s Tree after selecting the Management option in the game.

Wild West Dynasty - How to Build the Workshop

Additionally, you must unlock every node that comes before this one. You should craft stuff if you wish to grind tech points. I made many wooden hammers in order to grind the six tech points I required. Press “E” to unlock the node if you have the necessary tech points.


How do you make planks in Wild West Dynasty?

Create a hammer using the recipe that Ed the farmer gives you at the beginning of a game. Press “B” and equip your hammer to access the Building menu. Choose one of the workbenches in the radial; when you open it, you’ll see craft tools>planks. Tinkerers can place this workbench in your home.

Where to build in Wild West Dynasty?

For the time being, it looks like a pretty excellent area to build is on the far right side of the map’s top, next to the river. Plenty of level ground and not too distant from trees.

Is Wild West Dynasty open world?

Discover an uncharted territory, journey on foot or by horseback, and encounter distinct settings brimming with perils, riches, mysteries, and ample room to fulfill your aspirations of constructing a metropolis. Enter this stunningly thrilling time and conquer the Wild West.

How do you make a Wild West ladder?

Players can build a ladder to enter the Fort by approaching its outside wall with the Building Tool and five wood planks.

How do you get wood in Wild West?

In The Wild West, you can chop down trees using Axes. It’s a really easy process. When you approach a tree with your axe and press the left mouse button or the Q key, the axe will swing and strike the tree.