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Dead Space Remake – Peng’s Treasure Location


While the Dead Space Remake is still in its early stages, players can still board the USG Ishimura. One name will keep coming up for gamers as they navigate the USG Ishimura in the Dead Space remake: Peng. It seems like everyone is always talking about this Peng in stickers, posters, and graffiti. I’m really bored of hearing about Peng’s brilliance. Excessive! You will learn Peng’s Treasure Location in the Dead Space remake by reading this article:

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Who is Peng?

The Dead Space series does not always address Peng’s identity or nature. Rather, gamers have to piece out what the Peng Treasure might be referring to based on context cues from memos and posters. According to some interpretations, Peng might stand for ideas like fame, drugs, or even sexy entertainment when he is accompanied by phrases like “There’s always Peng” and “I want more Peng.”

Dead Space Remake - Peng’s Treasure Location

An intriguing observation is that Peng is typically accompanied with pictures and representations of attractive ladies. A little gold statue of a woman known as the Peng Treasure lends credence to the theory that it has something to do with beauty or attractiveness.

None of these hypotheses have, however, been verified; however, the production team has stated that Peng is not what it first appears to be and that the Dead Space series may go further with it. However, players that find the treasure will receive 30,000 credits in addition to the “There’s Always Peng!” trophy.

Peng’s Treasure Location

Chapter 11, “Alternate Solutions,” is where you can find the Peng treasure. Isaac has to move the Marker, which means he has to use the cargo crane. Take the cargo elevator one floor down after logging into Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control and entering the Cargo Bay. (Although it’s before you pick up the Kinesis Module, thus you can’t access to the locker, you’ll pass through this location much earlier.)

Dead Space Remake - Peng’s Treasure Location

A small group of lockers will lie directly to Isaac’s left, partially hidden by a few kinesis containers and a corpse. You’ll need to fight an Exploder Necromorph first. The locker on the left is where you can find the Peng treasure. With at least five Peng stickers adhered on it, it’s rather obvious. This is where it is shown on the map:

Dead Space Remake - Peng’s Treasure Location

How does one use the Peng treasure? Nothing. However, you may sell it at one of USG Ishimura’s retail kiosks and get a cool 30,000 credits, much like with collector semiconductors. The true wealth lies in completing this specific item and adding it to your list of accomplishments or trophies.

You might as well sell Peng’s Treasure since the only reason to keep it is because it takes up an extra inventory slot. Additionally, selling it is quite simple. To sell Peng’s Treasure for 30,000 Credits, all you need to do is visit any retail kiosk. For an item that only allows you to obtain a collectible and unlock an achievement or trophy, thirty thousand credits is a good deal of change.


Should I sell Peng Dead Space remake?

The “There’s Always Peng!” achievement can be unlocked as soon as a player finds the Peng treasure for the first time, but in order to get the item’s actual benefits, they must sell it at a store. The maximum amount of money they can obtain from sellable objects is 30,000 Dead Space Credits, which they will receive if they accomplish this.

Does Dead Space remake have a secret ending?

Isaacs’s involvement in what happens on The Sprawl seems more willing now that the Dead Space remake has a new secret ending. This makes it more difficult to dismiss what happens next as the Marker’s puppet show.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Space remake?

In Dead Space 2, you can acquire the Hand Cannon by finishing the game on Hard Core mode. Similarly, in Dead Space (2023), you can obtain this weapon by finishing the game on Impossible mode.

What happens to Isaac at the end of Dead Space remake?

Isaac tells his deceased wife, who is experiencing a marker-induced hallucination, that he will cook something special for her, but he doesn’t say what. With Isaac hinting at his intentions to construct the Red Marker, this seems to be a connection to Dead Space 2.

What is the most powerful gun in Dead Space remake?

Certain weapons, like as the Flamethrower and Pulse Rifle, are regarded as inferior choices since they don’t have as much range or damage. While they might be helpful in certain situations, prolonged usage is not advised. The most dependable and potent weapon in the game is widely acknowledged to be the Plasma Cutter.