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Xbox Design Lab is Temporarily Pushing down


Recently, Microsoft revealed a decision to pro tempore close down the service of the Xbox Design Lab before the launch of new Xbox Consoles. Avoid worrying about the decision because the opportunity to add up outstanding design can easily be done with the help of the Xbox controller, probably next year.

Meanwhile, the news was declared on Xbox Wire previously in a couple of days. This news is a part of another in-depth post as regards to the launching accessories available on the new Xbox Series X or Series S.

No doubt, it comprises a brand new controller that means a new way to get control of the creative lab. Microsoft clarified that the Xbox Design Lab needs preparations for its further evolutions. In this manner, the whole process requires shutting down Xbox Design Lab for some time.

History About Xbox Design Lab:

Officially, Xbox Design Lab was put in motion back in August 2016 that offered basic engravings and color customizations. Somehow, through this opportunity, anyone can become creative with color options for front and back, triggers, D-pad, bumpers, ANXY button, Manu button as well as engraving options. Furthermore, the Xbox Design Lab also offers an opportunity to add a rubberized grip for appeals.

Xbox Design Lab Shutting Down- When it Gonna Happen?

What comes first in your mind; when you think about the news of Xbox Design Lab shutting down? Most of the people think it is fake news, but wait for a while! This is gonna happen in a couple of days. On 14 October 2020, Xbox Design Lab will go offline, and won’t turn online until the specified point will resolve in 2021.

Through this, we assumed that custom controller designs are not an option to give as a gift on this holiday unless you get creative now before the October deadline. The order of the Xbox Design Lab can be received before the 13 October. So unconditionally, there are three weeks to craft your controller design perfectly.

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