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Call Of Duty

Activision Report that a Massive Call of Duty Accounts Weren’t Authentic


Activision says that thousands account of Call of Duty are not accurate or might be possible they are hacked now. The publisher debunked claims that hardly 500,000 accounts had been negotiated, in one statement, posted on Twitter today.

Attack rumors seem derived from a deleted Twitter account but were magnified by a notable content creator. Those who strengthened their participants to transform their passwords as early as achievable.

ORemyy Account holder defend Call of Duty

Yesterday, one account ‘oRemyy’ defended that the worst hack in the history of Call of Duty that is happening these days. Later on, someone suggests, this is 10x unacceptable than the notorious PS3 hack.

However, early in this morning, the Twitter account Activision Support dropped a message that defends all the reports advocating Activision Call of Duty accounts are not accurate and have been composed.

Furthermore, the Twitter team promised that we inspect all privacy concerns. Also, they give advice to all players to take precautions to protect their accounts and suggested receiving emails if any major changes occur to their accounts.

Noticeable fact from Activision’s Statement

A noticeable fact is Activision’s statement doesn’t declare that no breach happened, as they weren’t accurate. Through this, we assumed that the hack was smaller as compared to suggested rumors.

Our team will reach out to Activision, so it’s easy to clarify things possibly in very lesser time. While considering this, somehow it can be an error side of caution, if you feel worried about the account security.

Currently, Activision’s account unable to grant two-factor authentication but the company needs help to shore up your digital defenses.

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