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5 Tips for Playing Games on Mobile Phones


Mobile gaming used to consist of playing Snake on your old Nokia 3310. Things have moved on a little since then, with gamers now being able to load up the latest version of Call of Duty on their smartphones.

The casino industry has also kept up with the online gaming industry, pivoting to deliver a smooth gambling experience on small, handheld devices. Whether it’s a live casino with an actual live-person dealer or your favorite virtual slot machine, smartphones are now just as good (if not better!) than your desktop or laptop.


But before you get all excited and start Googling your nearest online casino, consider the following tips first. After all, you’re about to part with a chunk of your hard-earned money.

Pick a Trustworthy 

Perhaps the most important bit of advice, the biggest takeaway when playing online casino games: use a reliable provider. It’s easy to get taken in by too good to be true offers, hundreds of free spins, bet multipliers, the works.

All goes well, sure, until you win a little bit of money. Then they want you to upload multiple copies of your ID. Proof of your address. What you had for breakfast. The list goes on. TL;DR: it’s going to be difficult to get your winnings.

Instead, go for a name that has a reputation, like It’s just one example, but it gives you a good idea of the type of establishment you need to look for.

Use Promos

Perhaps the best thing about online casinos is that they don’t have to pay overheads like an actual brick and mortar establishment, no electricity bills, fewer staff, you get the picture.

That translates into a wealth of promotions available to the consumer. Whether it’s free spins or a bet multiplier, they come in on the regular. The best is saved for new customers, so keep signing up to new casinos (within limits), but existing customers also get some very decent offers.

The best thing to do is to sign up for newsletters and promotional emails. If you’re worried about spam, set up a dedicated account just for your casino games. Makes it easier to keep track of everything as well!

Download the App 

Many of the big-name casinos, although not all, have an app available for you to download. This usually offers a far better experience than playing on your smartphone’s default browser.

The app keeps you in that casino ecosystem, ensuring you get the best experience possible and the developers’ gameplay in mind for players. It’s also much easier to keep track of offers, your spending, and active games.


Of course, this one isn’t compulsory. The app provides an enhanced experience, but going for the browser option is a decent alternative. The basic gameplay won’t differ.

Ensure Your Connection is Solid 

Something that smartphone gamers are well aware of is the dreaded sudden disconnect. You’re in the middle of a tense game, and suddenly you go through a tunnel. Game over. Let the tearing of hair begin.

For slot games, this doesn’t really matter. Your game will pick up where you left off; slots at online casinos are smart like that. But if you’re playing live roulette or poker, a sudden break in your connection is the last thing you need.


Make sure you have a solid connection, a data plan you can count on. You need stability, no intermittent dropouts. It’s annoying enough when you’re playing an online game without money on the line, but you don’t want to take a risk when you’re putting dollars on the table.

Keep Your Wits About You 

This last piece of advice applies to all casinos, but it’s nevertheless worth mentioning: when playing online, always keep your wits about you. Remember, a fool and their money are soon parted!

Never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Only trust casinos with a reputation. Set up loss limits. Don’t be afraid to walk away (there’s always tomorrow!). Gambling is fun, and mobile gaming takes it up yet another level, but be careful you don’t go further than your wallet allows. Follow this advice, and you’re golden.

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