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4 Types of Crazy Tech Being Used on Cam Sites


If you’ve been watching the HBO series ‘’The Deuce’’, you’ll know that the adult industry has changed dramatically since the sleazy days of peep shows and the likes centered around New York’s Times Square.

These days, the adult industry has tapped into everything from virtual reality technology to immersive 4K definition that ensures the user doesn’t miss out on any of the action they’re consuming. 

On the business side, we’re even seeing decentralized digital currencies playing a role as they provide a reliable workaround for industry professionals who find themselves increasingly stigmatized by mainstream banking institutions.

However, one of the most prominent ways we’ve seen the adult industry take advantage of modern tech is via the crazy world of free live sex cams, which is an increasingly powerful industry that’s continuing to take the XXX industry by storm.

Compared to the conventional kind of adult content that a lot of people consume, these webcam-based platforms allow a plethora of women from around the world to perform erotic shows that are not only vastly different from one another but also allow a previously unseen level of interaction that users can take advantage of. 

To show you how this article will delve into some of the most eye-opening forms of technology currently being used in the adult cam industry and reveal how they’re changing the game in adult entertainment and allowing people to get an intense experience from the comfort of their own homes!

Live Chat Functions

Let’s kick off this list with one of the most fundamental parts of any adult camming site: the ability for people to talk with their chosen model or models via a live chat feature. In comparison to your average pornographic website, this fundamental but game-changing feature allows you to chat with your chosen model and make it as SFW or as NSFW as you desire.

When it comes to the latter kind of chat, many models encourage their fans to use their imagination and drop a few naughty suggestions into the chat regarding what the model should do next. This is a popular way for people to create their own custom adult experience based on the kind of stuff that floats their boat, so to speak!

This live chat is most commonly carried out over text, but there’s an increasing number of sites using voice chat features for those who want a more personal experience with the cam model of their dreams. Naturally, those who pay their chosen model cam site tokens get a higher priority than those who don’t, but that’s not all that these cam tokens can buy you!

Private Shows

For many people who use live cam sites, the idea of chatting with a model while other site users chime in at the same time isn’t ideal. Luckily for them, many models offer the chance to join them in a private one-to-one session in exchange for the right amount of tokens. This allows people to have a far more private experience without the prying eyes of other people on them!

Now, what happens in these private cam sessions stays in the cam rooms, but to get a good idea, let’s look at some more of the wild adult technology that often plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day action on these sites, namely in the form of interactive adult toys that rely on Bluetooth technology!

Interactive Adult Toys

Man, if you’d shown this kind of stuff to our ancestors a few generations ago, they probably wouldn’t believe what they’re seeing! I mean, there’s still a lot of people around today who still can’t! By ‘’this stuff,’’ I’m talking about the wild world of Bluetooth-controlled sex toys that allow any site user, provided they have enough tokens, to ‘’physically’’ engage with their chosen cam model in some very erotic ways.

At the push of a button, a cam site user can activate these toys and watch the effects unfold on the screen. Many of these vibrating toys look small but can often pack a serious punch in terms of pleasure, which is why so many people come flocking back to play with them repeatedly.

But aside from vibrators, there’s also a far more potent form of these interactive adult toys that is so mighty that it deserves its own section entirely! Allow us to introduce you to the following form of adult technology that has the ability to make the T-1000 from the Terminator 2 movie blush!

Powerful Machines That Would Make a Terminator Blush!

These things remind me of that iconic line from Naked Gun when Frank Drebin raided the local sex shop, only for the workers to be very familiar with him and his past orders imported from Sweden. If you know, you know!

These industrial machines look intimidating, and they’re powerful enough to back their appearance up. I don’t feel I need to go into the technical aspect of these because it’s pretty damn clear!

These adult machines are becoming an increasingly popular sight on adult cam platforms through their ability to give users the chance to virtually penetrate the live cam girls of their dreams by handing over some tokens and pushing a button. 

These toys are not only highly customizable and can be fitted with a massive variety of phalluses ranging from fantasy movie-inspired toys to some very lifelike ones, but they can even be customized in terms of strokes and speeds, allowing the user to have completely customizable erotic experiences all enjoyed over a simple Bluetooth connection!

We’re Truly Living in an Era of Science Fiction-Style Lovemaking!

A few years ago, this kind of stuff would more likely be associated with the plot of a saucy science fiction movie rather than real life. These days, however, there’s no shortage of people flocking to these adult cam platforms to take full advantage of the wild array of interactive fun they can offer adults. It’s not for everybody, but it’s definitely a scene that’s here to stay and is growing stronger by the day!