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6 Great Websites to learn new languages


Learning a new language is beneficial around the world. It improves your memory and improves your performance in other major criteria. By learning a new language, you can increase your employment opportunities. Here are some 6 great websites where you can learn new languages.


Babbel provides you with online courses that can help you learn new languages. Babbel can provide you with useful content at a very low price. Babbel has high-quality courses, and in addition to this, it also provides grammar lessons, audible and written worksheets to practice, and flashcards. Babbel has two subscriptions: “Babbel,” and the other one is “Babbel Live”. In Babble Live, instructors provide online classes for learners, while Babbel provides online courses. Babbel offers courses in many languages like Indonesian, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and many more.

Mango Languages

If you are a beginner, then mango languages is an online language learning platform that seems best for you. Mango languages have some unique and fun features that make the language more interesting to learn for beginners. This app’s price is also fair, but if you have completed the intermediate level, then this app is not the best choice for you. Mango languages provide up to 70 languages programs: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Hindi, Iraqi, Turkish, Thai, and many more. The duration of each lesson is almost 12 minutes. If one is serious about properly learning a new language, they should prefer Babble or Duolingo.


Busuu not only helps you to develop your learning skills but also speaking skills. It has a speech recognition tool that helps to practice the language. It has two versions, a free version and a premium version, worth the price. The free version only provides you with flashcards, and it has certain limitations because you can learn only one language at a time with the help of digital flashcards. The premium version is worth the price because it allows you to learn as many languages as you want and provides digital flashcards and worksheets, quizzes, lessons, exercises related to that language, etc. Busuu also provides offline lessons to download.

Duo Lingo

It is a famous language-learning app around the globe with almost 500 million users worldwide. It is considered the best free language app. It is available for both Android and IOS, and it has a browser version. Duo lingo has many advantages as it is easily accessible and convenient for every person. Everything on this app is free, making it more convenient for people around the globe. This app also allows you two learn multiple languages without any limitations or restrictions. This app is a great choice for beginners. Duo lingo provides courses for up to 35 languages, including many Spanish, Chinese, Irish, Hawaiian, etc.

Rocket Language

It is a popular language-learning website and app. It allows the learners to use audio lessons, flashcards, and exercises regarding specific language. It also provides pronunciation practice. This app is great for beginners as it teaches conversational phrases and provides high-quality courses. This app helps to build the foundation of language. This app provides courses for almost 12 languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, German, Russian, and Spanish. So, in conclusion, this app provides high-quality dialogues, comprehensive courses, voice recognition and is easily accessible.

Ling App

Ling App is a language learning online platform which provides courses for almost all languages. Ling App provides various vocabulary tools, flashcards, language lessons, multiple-choice tests, etc. Ling App also allows you to learn different lessons simultaneously and provides live tutoring. This app helps you improve your reading and writing skills and helps you improve your listening and speaking skills, and build up your vocabulary. It is interactive and provides excellent customer service. It offers courses for all languages, including but not limited to Italian, Japanese, Greek, German, Dutch, Polish, etc.

If you are an advanced learner, then Babble and Ling App are the best choices for you, but if you are a beginner and it takes time to grasp new things and new lessons, other apps mentioned above can save you a lot of time. Learning a language online is not only convenient but is also affordable and easily accessible.