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A game-changing feature is expected to debut on Samsung’s upcoming XR headset.


Earlier on in 2018, Samsung began dropping hints about their forthcoming XR headset. Qualcomm and Google are working together to create the mixed-reality headgear that is currently in development. Following the cancellation of the Gear VR product line, the company has been hard at work on a high-end standalone mixed-reality headset. The Gear VR lineup depended on a smartphone for its screen and processing. It is now being said that it will provide a ground-breaking new feature. It would appear that the device has taken quite a bit of its design cues from the Apple Vision Pro, as it is equipped with a screen that has a pixel density of approximately 3,000 ppi.

It has been rumoured that Samsung would include functionality for touch, much like Apple’s XR headset does. But what’s more crucial is that there are rumours that Samsung will support scent. It is not yet known whether it will have the ability to detect smells or to produce their own, but it would be incredible if the latter were the case. We don’t see the benefit of having the capacity to smell. Still, simulating smell in virtual reality would make experiences such as watching movies, playing video games, and other activities more realistic.

If Samsung successfully implements this feature, it will undoubtedly be a game-changer in consumer electronics, since there hasn’t been much development where a device may emit a smell. However, you should take this information with a grain of salt because the source of the tip has been proven wrong on multiple occasions. Almost clearly, an operating system created by Google will power the XR mixed-reality headset that Samsung is developing and will use a CPU that Qualcomm manufactured.

The next XR headgear from the business might be equipped with many cameras and other sensors. It may come equipped with a microLED display manufactured by eMagin and can synchronize with Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, asserting anything more than that would be nothing more than pure speculation, and we still have a few more months to wait before we can hear any certain information regarding the future product. Also read about roulette payout calculator here.