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In the United States, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has received the One UI 5.1.1 update.


Samsung’s One UI 5.1.1 update for older Galaxy Z series foldable phones began rolling out a few weeks ago. One UI 5.1.1 was initially published for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, then made available for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s upgrade has begun going out. Firmware version F916USQU4KWH7 is available in the United States for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a carrier lock and the One UI 5.1.1 update. It includes the One UI 5.1.1 update and the August 2023 security patch. Due to the update’s size, it should be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection. The update may be downloaded on T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States. The upgrade may soon be available on other carriers’ networks as well.

If you possess a Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a US carrier and are looking for the One UI 5.1.1 update, you may do it by going to Settings » Software update and then tapping Download and Install. If you have a Windows computer with the Odin firmware flashing program, you can manually flash the updated firmware file from our firmware database. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the latest version of One UI (5.1.1), you can drag a corner of the app’s window to toggle between full-screen and a pop-up window. In the multitasking menu, you can see exactly what mode each app is in (full screen, side by side, or pop-up window).

You can move the pop-up window of an app to one of the four screen corners by dragging and flicking it in that direction. You can also use two hands to drag and drop files (push and hold a file with one finger, select other files with the other finger, and then drop the selected files into the target spot). Up to four recently used applications may now be displayed in the taskbar to facilitate quicker app switching. Now that more apps support Flex Mode, you may activate it by folding your phone’s screen and tapping the corresponding button on its control panel. More media buttons, such as fast-forward and rewind by 10 seconds, are accessible in Flex Mode. The Flex Mode progress bar provides time data, simplifying finding and skipping to a specific point in an audio or video file.

The Flex Mode toolbar in One UI 5.1.1 can be modified by dragging its icons. One UI 5.1.1 allows distributing files via Quick Share to users disconnected from the same Wi-Fi network. There will be an online transfer of the data. With Private Share, you can limit a recipient’s ability to download or view a file and choose an expiration date. Improved features in Samsung Health’s sleep monitoring and coaching, data display, and skin temperature monitoring all contribute to a more restful night’s rest. Improved workout reports and incentives for consistent progress toward fitness targets are also on the docket. The phone can charge other gadgets wirelessly without interrupting your call.

The Camera app’s watermark customization options have been expanded. Manual controls for the camera’s Pro and Pro video modes will be displayed in the lower half of the screen when in Flex Mode. You can select several photos for deletion or sharing by pressing and holding them in the camera app’s preview window. In the Photo Editor, dials have replaced sliders to simplify applying effects. When altering multiple photos at once, you can copy an effect from one and paste it into another. When your phone’s storage space is low, you can see how much cache data takes up space and delete it. To help you better manage your device’s memory, One UI 5.1.1 now displays detailed information about each app’s memory usage. The Samsung Internet browser app’s address bar, tab bar, and bookmarks bar may be docked to the bottom of the screen, and Modes can be toggled from the lock screen.