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A Quick Guide to the OSRS Quest: Cook’s Assistant


How to get 300 XP in Cooking and more

Cook’s Assistant is a pretty simple quest. However, you need it as a requisite to Recipe for Disaster, which is a longer, more complicated quest but with more rewards. Some of which include the ability to access new regions and locations and even more quests. Even if this is a short and sweet quest, it’s the start of your Cooking journey, and it opens up ways to get OSRS gold.


As a beginner quest, there’s not much you need. You can collect the items you need during the quest, though you can bring along the items to complete the quest instantly. They are an Egg, a Bucket of Milk, and a Pot of Flour.

Doing the Quest Proper

In the Lumbridge Castle, you’ll find the frazzled Cook in the kitchen on the first floor. It’s Duke Horatio’s birthday, and he forgot to buy the ingredients to make a cake. Of course, now that you’re there, he’ll ask you to procure the ingredients.

At this point, if you have an Egg, a Bucket of Milk, and a Pot of Flour on hand, you can directly give it to the cook and finish the quest. Otherwise, you’ll have to put in the effort to collect the products from the farm nearby the castle. Grab a Pot from the kitchen (it spawns when you start the quest), and a Bucket from the cellar. You’ll need those to hold the Flour and Milk respectively.

Exit to the east of the castle and go north. There’s a chicken coop in the vicinity of Farmer Fred’s house. You can go inside the coop to grab an Egg.

From the coop, go north to find a cow pasture. If you need instructions, you can ask Gillie Groats across the river to detail how to milk a cow. It’s not required for the quest, as all you have to do is to use the bucket on a cow. After that, you get a Bucket of Milk.

For the Pot of Flour, you’ll find a wheat field to the southwest of the pasture. Pick up some grain and go to the mill to the northeast. You can talk to Millie Miller in the mill for instructions or just go directly to the top floor. Put the grain in the hopper there and pull the lever. There’s a flour bin back on the 1st floor. It should be full now that you’ve pulled the lever. Use the pot on it and you get a Pot of Flour.

Now with your chores done, you can go back to the Cook in the castle and give the ingredients. With them, he can now cook the cake for the duke’s birthday and your quest is finished.


You get 1 Quest Point, 300 Cooking XP, and the ability to use the Cook-o-Matic 100, the range in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen. It reduces the chance to burn things while cooking. That’s good for anyone wanting to level up Cooking, as burned food won’t reward XP. There is a bit of a limit to what you can cook on the range, but it should be enough to level up toward faster methods. It also has the convenience of being close to banking possibilities.

Finishing this quest also lets you do Recipe for Disaster, as mentioned above, as well as access to the Lumbridge and Draynor Challenge Diaries. Speaking of which, if you’re planning to do the challenges, you could have brought along two pots while milling flour. That way you can have extra flour to bake bread as you give away the other one for the quest.

Anyway, Cook’s Assistant is a short and sweet quest that wouldn’t break your savings, so you don’t have to buy OSRS gold for it. You also won’t gain much to be able to sell OSRS gold. However, don’t discount this quest. Recipe for Disaster opens up so many features and locations that it’s hard to discount the prerequisite quest.

That’s that for the quest Cook’s Assistant! Enjoy OSRS and further quests you’ll do.

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