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Alan Wake 2 – Cynthia Boss Fight


Saga will finish the fifth chapter of Alan Wake 2 by pursuing her grandfather Tor into the Overlap in an effort to rescue him from a resident of Bright Falls who has cast a spell on Tor. This will be Saga’s final mission in the game. This survival horror game will present you with a few challenging boss battles to contend with along the way. Cynthia Weaver is the name of one of them. The following guide will walk you through the boss fight against Cynthia in Alan Wake 2:

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How to Beat the Cynthia Weaver Boss Fight

Following your descent into the subterranean bunker known as “The Dark Place” beneath the Valhalla Nursing Home, you will emerge into a big circular room. To summon Cynthia, press the large button on the control panel. Restarting a generator is a common task in Alan Wake 2, and doing it will allow you to drain the room of water.

Alan Wake 2 - Cynthia Boss Fight

The generator is located through a crack in the wall, which can only be reached by wading through the flooded area. Cynthia, like a shark underneath the surface, is unfortunately present. Too much time underwater will result in Cynthia rushing at you from below, when your light and weapons will be of no use. If she snatches you, you’ll lose half your health. Moving rapidly from one refuge (metal carts, ledges, etc.) to the next is your objective. Slowly advance forward until you reach the opening in the wall, and then enter it.

Alan Wake 2 - Cynthia Boss Fight

You have entered the room’s outer ring. Keep going left and whiz as soon as you can from one station to the next. Some ammunition and supplies are stashed in a couple of wall cabinets. You’ll eventually reach a nook where the generator is stored. Turn it back on. There will be a raised platform opposite this niche. You can get through the wall opening by climbing up on that. Get yourself to the main control panel immediately and repeat the button push. This time, the water will successfully drain from the upper floor.

Alan Wake 2 - Cynthia Boss Fight

Unfortunately, you still need to eliminate Cynthia. Get down to the basement and do a lap or two around the circular room down there until you find Cynthia. When she floats in the air, your best bet is to shoot her in the head with your hunting rifle (here’s where to look for it). If you don’t have access to a hunting rifle, a pistol will do. You’ll need to avoid Cynthia’s waves of black water and destroy the balls of darkness with your flashlight.

Alan Wake 2 - Cynthia Boss Fight

Once you hurt Cynthia enough, she’ll drop to the ground and start charging around like an unruly toddler. Here’s where to locate a sawed-off shotgun, so you may stand your ground and fire at her. If you don’t have the shotgun, whittle her down with your handgun. Old Cynthia will go down if you deal enough harm to her.

How to Turn On the Power

You’ll need energy to turn on the lights and expose Cynthia once you reach the main boss fight area. As is customary for scary moments in video games, this requires activating the generator. The generator isn’t in this region, though. There is an outer ring around the chamber you are in, and you must travel to it.

There should be a doorway leading into this ring somewhere among these walls. The only catch is that the room is mostly submerged in water, making any time spent wading through it extremely risky. Make sure you don’t spend too much time in the water, and look for dry land whenever possible. If she manages to reach you, you should expect a devastating blow to your health.

Alan Wake 2 - Cynthia Boss Fight

You’ll need to do some exploring once you reach the outer ring in order to locate a climbable location behind a broken down wire fence. Climb to the top and pump the generator three times to turn on the power.


Who is the antagonist in Alan Wake 2?

Scratch (sometimes Mr. Scratch) is a recurring bad guy in the Alan Wake games. Serving as the main antagonist of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Alan Wake 2 he originally debuted at the end of Alan Wake. At first, he was an Alan Wake lookalike.

Is Alan Wake 2 a horror game?

Alan Wake 2, a survival horror computer game, is a dark criminal thriller with a dreamlike tone and thick postmodern flourishes that frequently veers off from its small-town murder-mystery setting to explore odd and surprising digressions.

Does Alan Wake save his wife?

Nonetheless, he goes back to Cauldron Lake and dives headlong into its pitch-black depths with the Clicker in hand, fighting off the Presence’s avatar with the Clicker’s light in order to rescue Alice.

Who is the main character in Alan Wake 2?

Sony announced Alan Wake 2’s release date of October 17, 2023 during a PlayStation Showcase broadcast on May 24, 2023.