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Alan Wake 2 – Rental Cabin Stash Key Location


The toilet in the rental cabins’ southernmost unit contains a Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2. The Rental Cabins are a Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2, and they can be found in the northeastern part of the Cauldron Lake area. It may be accessed with the Lake Cabins Stash Key, which can be found at the north end of the area by a marked tree. Find out where to find the key to the rental cabin storage in Alan Wake 2 with the help of this article.

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Rental Cabin Stash Key Location

Players that are seeking to open the Rental Cabins Cult Stash must set their sights on getting the Lake Cabins Stash Key, which can be discovered at the base of a tree at the north end of the region. Below is a map pinpointing the tree’s location mentioned in Alan Wake’s books and video games.

  • You may find Cabin #3 (the second one on the right) by heading north from the cabin where the Cult Stash was stashed.
  • Crouch under the tree to the north after leaving the cabin through the east door.
  • Walk inside the cabin on the left and continue sending Alan Wake 2’s Saga Anderson northward to pass by a pickup vehicle.
  • Shine the light to the left, and you’ll see a tree with a yellow “2” painted on it.
  • The Lake Cabins Stash Key can be found on the floor close to the tree trunk.

Alan Wake 2 - Rental Cabin Stash Key Location

Once players have obtained the Lake Cabins Stash Key, they can re-enter the Rental Cabins Cult Stash and retrieve the many consumable goods stored there. Notably, those that crack open this cache will advance toward acquiring the Watery Lighthouse Key, which may be used to unlock some more supplies and Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake 2. The key can only be obtained by opening all of the Cult Stashes in the game, including the one at the Rental Cabins.

Finally, while in the area, players may opt to solve the Nursery Rhyme problem located in Rental Cabin #4 (the cabin immediately to the left of the one traversed in Step 4 of the instructions as mentioned earlier). When equipped, the Coffee Mug Charm prevents Saga from dying once, which may pique the interest of curious admirers.

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

The mechanics of Alan Wake II are different from those of the original game. It’s a survival horror game, but you don’t control the protagonist, thus you only get an external perspective. You can play as either Alan Wake or Saga Anderson in two unique storylines. You get to pick whatever narrative to experience first, however there are certain missions that can only be completed as either Saga or Alan.

They use guns and a flashlight to navigate the dark and fight off attackers. Attacking foes with a flashlight can weaken them, but doing so will drain the battery. To stay alive, you need to be strategic with using ammunition and power sources. Alan and Saga are adept at dodging out of the line of oncoming danger. The player also takes on the role of a detective.

You can pause the game and visit Saga’s “Mind Place” whenever you choose when you’re playing as her. The contents of Saga’s mind are laid out before you like a 3D menu. Here, you can learn about the characters and the major mystery by linking clues on a pinboard. You’ll unearth pages of a manuscript that hint at future events, much like in the original game. But Alan Wake II also has a dialogue system where your choices affect the plot.


How many chapters are in Alan Wake 2?

The entirety of Alan Wake 2 is broken up into 19 chapters.

Does Alan Wake save his wife?

In spite of this, he goes back to Cauldron Lake, this time armed with the Clicker, and dives headfirst into the murky depths of the lake, where he uses the light emanating from the Clicker to fight off the avatar of the Presence and save Alice.

Is Alan Wake 2 a horror game?

The survival horror video game Alan Wake 2 is frequently strange and always unpredictable, wandering off from its small-town murder-mystery setting to explore odd and mind-bending digressions. The game is a brutal criminal thriller with a dreamy tone and thick postmodern flourishes.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

Following Alex Casey’s investigation of the “Cult of the Word” led by Alan’s evil doppelganger Mr. Scratch, who survived his erasure from existence, Alan began navigating a dark and twisted version of New York City.

Is Alice in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 included a tribute to her in its end credits. In Alan Wake 2, Christina Cole plays her role. Alice and Barry’s relationship was tense by the end of the first game because each of them blamed the other for badmouthing Alan.