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Dave the Diver: Limestone Cave Not Spawning


At a depth of around 100 meters, close to the strong water currents, the Limestone Cave appears within Dave the Diver’s Giant Blue Hole. Dave, the Diver’s Limestone Cave, is located far below sea level, so you’ll need to upgrade your equipment before you can explore it. Read on why Dave the Diver’s Limestone Cave doesn’t support spawning.

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Limestone Cave Not Spawning

The Limestone Cave looks to have a low spawn rate unless the user has a VIP request requiring local supplies. Indie video game players should not expect to find a Limestone Cave on every dive; they may need to search for several days.

However, if a player has dived several times without seeing a Limestone Cave, their storyline may be to blame. Some important story objectives in Dave the Diver may lock the layout of the Giant Blue Hole, preventing the Limestone Cave from spawning. Thus, fans who cannot find this subarea should complete a yellow quest and check again. They may find it.

Dave the Diver: Limestone Cave Not Spawning

Players interested in using the Limestone Cave to get Dave the Diver’s Sea Grapes should realize that another chance comes later in the game. Seaweed farming allows enthusiasts to grow Latok Seeds to produce practically infinite Sea Grapes. Thus, finding the Limestone Cave is not crucial, and players may focus on other activities instead.

This list of Dave the Diver’s top recipes may help players find additional high-value dishes while they find a better Sea Grape source. Indeed, the list includes 10 fantastic dishes, and fans should have no issue spending their money on things and improvements to progress.

Limestone Cave location in Dive the Dinner

I can’t specify where the Limestone Cave is on your chart, but it’s usually in the center and requires a descent of 70 meters. When you get there, you’ll see enormous water currents pulling you in different directions and spikes on the walls that you can get forced into. Many fish in this area are hostile, so beware.

Dave the Diver: Limestone Cave Not Spawning

Just time it perfectly to avoid the currents. You can wait for them to stop and swim past before they start again. Watch for a few cycles to find the lull since the timing can be close.

Dave the Diver: Limestone Cave Not Spawning

Find quest items by looking for yellow exclamation points above chests. If they’re in the straight path of a water current, you’ll have enough time to open the chest before it pulls you away. Swim back on the next lull and pick up the item.


Does limestone cave always spawn Dave the Diver?

Therefore, indie game enthusiasts shouldn’t count on finding a Limestone Cave on every dive; they may have to keep looking for several days.

Where are the limestone caves in Dave the Diver?

At a depth of about 100 meters, which is roughly in the middle of the Giant Blue Hole, currents typically begin to form in the Limestone Cave.

Does the map change in Dave the Diver?

You won’t notice the difference until you go fishing for a certain species. Both the landscape and the marine life in it shift as you progress through the game.

Is Dave the Diver worth it?

It has its stressful moments, but its stunning scenery, overwhelming variety of things to do, and overall good attitude will draw you in like a magnet. Dave the Diver is an excellent independent game for the current moment.